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  1. Is this possible? I know some people have put humbuckers into jazz master covers. Would i have to modify the cover itself? I'm doing this because i'm not really a fan of pickup rings.
  2. Are the pickups closer because of the scale length? Looks like it came out well! Nice Guitar!
  3. Seems really interesting, although i'd rather have a regular pot as a tone knob than a cooler pot. I was looking around and I found a diagram on another forum. If I were to put HB's in this would I have to change the 50K Roller Pot? Also if I shielded the guitar would it be stupid to put a killswitch? I'd probably just use a KC toggle switch plate that has a hole for a switch, and put it there. What do you guys think?
  4. Depends on the year, I think they go from 300 - 500. However, if the seller isn't sending it in a case I would be a little more cautious. More tendency for it to be damaged if it's in a bag. Seems like a decent guitar.
  5. I'm planning to build a Jazzmaster but, i'm having a real hard time with the color. It's a Black guard with Cream covers and knobs. I've thought about Forest Green like, Thurston's Signature. In this picture it looks fine. But in the 2nd picture it looks really pale and a lot lighter. I've also thought about a Sapphire Blue. Thoughts? My last resort, would be a white. You can find a white Jazzmaster pretty easily, I want something different.
  6. I've heard that MojoTone makes really good custom pickups. I've thought about putting a hum bucker into a jazz master cover, from what i've seen they're not too expensive. http://www.mojotone.com/guitar-parts/pickups-other/Mojotone-Custom-Jazzmaster-Electric-Guitar-Pickup#.UvuJYv1zQmQ This seems really cheap for a custom pick that's why i'm kinda iffy about it. Curtis also makes, a Wide Range Humbucker and a PAF in a Jazzmaster cover http://curtisnovak.com/pickups/Offsets.shtml And i've also heard very good things about Lollar P-90's, i think these are good substitute for hum buckers, no routing and they just drop right in. http://www.lollarguitars.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=LGP&Product_Code=259&Category_Code=jazzmaster-pickups Happy Hunting!
  7. I'm thinking of building a Jazzmaster, and I've heard that the guys at Mojo Tone make really awesome custom pickups. Thoughts? And are they Expensive? Also thinking of putting a humbucker into a jazz master cover.
  8. So i'm thinking about getting a Jazzmaster. I've had my eye on the Classic Player's Jazzmaster for a bit of time but, I have a few concerns. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Classic-Player-Jazzmaster-Special-Electric-Guitar-104907183-i1397677.gc 1.The Bridge I've heard that people usually have problems with string popping out on the stock Jazzmaster Bridges. Do you guys have a preference between the mustang bridge and the mastery bridge? 2 The Pickups I've played the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster before, and it was a pretty good sounding guitar. Are the stock pickups on the classic any beefier, i've thought about swapping out the bridge pickup for a Lollar P-90 or a Curtis Novak PAF style Humbucker. I play alot of alternative rock, mainly Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, etc. Some suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
  9. Hey so I have a crappy Taiwanese DS-1 that a lot of people have. I thought about selling in but then I saw the keely mod. Never had really heard any demos of a modded DS-1, I play a lot of 90's stuff. Is it worth it?
  10. Hey, to start out what kinda neck/fingerboard wood are you using, just curious. In terms of the mods some people like to put a toggle switch instead of the three switches that control each pickup separately. As for the series/ parallel, the upper assemble controls the neck pickup and the volume knob & tone knob near the jack control the bridge pickup. I really don't know much about wiring jags other than that so can't help you there sorry. I tried looking online for custom control plates and really didn't find anything, sorry i couldn't really help you that much but good luck with your guitar build. And post pics of it when you're done
  11. Nice work man, that guitar looks amazing. Couple questions, how many coats of clear did you apply & how long did the entire process take (from no stain to completion?
  12. I've never played one of these. Last time I went to guitar center I played a J. Mascis Signature and for a Squier it was pretty good, the price wasn't bad either.
  13. Hey, I recently got a Jazzmaster and I was wondering if it was possible to use the Lower Switch Assembly instead of the toggle switch. I also thought about adding 2, 3-Way switches so that I can split the coils (I have two humbuckers), is it possible to add the coil-tapping switches? I've never really understood wiring diagrams so I could use some help. Thanks!
  14. I don't really know much about PCB's and fixing guitar pedals but my guess is that the scorch by the Z-Diode possibly damaged the circuit enough so it doesn't function. Again I don't know much about these things but you might have to replace the PCB (if possible), since the circuit was probably overloaded when your friend plugged the DC adapter in. Hope this helps
  15. Thanks for the feedback, Honestly, i have 2 Boss pedals and I don't particularly dig either of them. The DS-1 I can put up with but, the FZ-5 (as stated above) is a pile of crap with a decent fuzz face setting. I'm kinda skeptical to try out the DS-2 due to my recent let-downs by Boss pedals. I would get a big muff pi but i've heard it's not that loud so i'd probably just use it when recording, i'm leaning towards the Fuzz Gun live. There's also a new Zvex fuzz pedal with a therimin-like controller, any thoughts?
  16. Hi, so I'm looking to get rid of my FZ-5 that i've had for about a year (give or take). Please, if anyone is looking into this pedal i don't recommend it mainly b/c the only setting worthy of playing through is the Fuzz Face setting. Biggest waste of $100 on guitar gear i've gone through. Anyways, i was thinking about a replacement my choices are: Electro Harmonix Big Muff (I'm a Pumpkins Fan nuff' said) Fuzz War By Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun By Death By Audio Zvex Fuzz Factory Obviously i'm open to other suggestions, anything that is really heavy with a lot of sustain will do. Thanks. BTW, i'm not really into the Fender Blender, not my style.
  17. I like the idea of the 3 slide switches, it's interesting. Is that extra 4th knob ring to be a tone knob? If it is then i would suggest having one universal tone knob for all three pickups, it would save you from drilling an extra hole into your new pickguard. As for the placement of the controls since you don't have the 5 way switch you should have plenty of room to move the controls away from the bridge. However, i don't like the controls on the 1st mock-up everything looks really crowded. You should grab a jaguar switch plate for the slide switches, and is the jack moving to the side of the guitar or staying put? Hope this helps.
  18. The Deleuxe Memory Man by EHX should get you places.
  19. Hey, i'm currently starting a Warmoth Strat project and i wanted to know if anyone had ideas of a better bridge that i could put instead of the traditional start bridge (besides a Floyd)
  20. I'm really familiar in this subject, but the only reason I would get a solid state is to travel w/ it. If I had to choose an amp it would be in the Marshall MG series. Any thoughts?
  21. It's b/ c the FZ-5 is supposed to replicate 3 different fuzz pedals. They didn't actually create an original fuzz, wished they did.
  22. If anyone was looking into an FZ-5 for an inexpensive fuzz, it's not worth it. The Fuzzface setting is the best, good clean fuzz w/ a good amt of meat to it. The Maestro fuzz is the worst there is just way too much treble, a piece of crap. The Octavia fuzz is in the middle w/ the fuzz knob halfway it's decent but, if you crank the fuzz any higher the octave disappears. I would just get an original Fuzzface instead of this pedal
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