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  1. Just to be pedantic the In Utero mustangs were sonic blue witha a tort guard but the stage lights often made them appear white
  2. I'd get the big muff, the ds-2 is so pretty much the same as the ds-1 but with an added boosted setting, whereas the big muff has an entirely different sound
  3. Yeah, but breaking the headstock off didn't help with that, or the crude repair Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Wow, my first electric was a Cruiser by crafter aswell, infact it is the only guitar ive modded (so far ) It was originally red with a white pickguard(hopefully that image worked) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Looks great so far, can't wait to see it with the decal!
  6. and HNB wins the thread... seriously do you own any guitars that you havent modded
  7. Yeah, it's good to see that Fender still have some ideas left in them. I would have preferred for the 'jaguarillo' or however they spelt it to have jag pickups instead of strat pickups but all in all a good idea any word on what pricing will be like?
  8. so is it just pickups left or is there more missing i can't see?
  9. How good are TK's bodies, I was thinking of either getting a Mustang body from there or their Bo-Diddley Jupiter Thunderbird body
  10. Yeah, I'll probably get the 'Stooge', I'll look into BYOC as I'm not sure if They'll ship to the U.K., I'll give myself 'till April to decide
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