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  1. Sup gang, I have a question involving the switching on vintage spec Bass VI's and whether the three on/off switches for the 3 pickups could be adapted to a Jaguar with three pickups. I plan to have three single coils in my jag and use the three on/off switches to activate them, turning what usually is the strangle switch into the on/off for the bridge, middle switch for the middle pickup and so forth. Is this possible? I want to use the on/off switches because I'm hoping that you can have any combination of pickups like bridge and neck or all three at once but I'm not even sure whether yo
  2. Hey HNB, I find all your projects you post on the forums incredibly inspiring, especially this one. So much so, in fact, that I have decided to do a very similar mod project on my jag HH special. Instead of put a bigsby on it I'm gonna route it for a traditional trem just like you did and refinish it. Do you have any extra tips on how to do these mods that you haven't mentioned in this thread? Also I remember seeing you give advice to someone a while ago on how to refinish a jagstang in qhich you said to sand the existing finish and spray over the top of it. Would you recommend that technique
  3. Sup yo, I've been playin around with an idea for an alternate wiring for my Jag which would consist of completely getting rid of the circuit selection concept and replace it by having 2 tone and 2 volume pots just like a standard Les Paul wiring with the 2 rollers at the upper horn housing as the tones and the 2 normal pots at the bottom housing the 2 volumes. The main problem I can see with it is that I'd have to have really long wires attached to the capacitors between the volume and tone pots. Is that a problem at all? Would it work? I'm still pretty new to doing my own wiring so I'm re
  4. Totally tried out a bigsby in a guitar shop the other day and it felt great, a lot nicer and more subtle than the mustang/ jagstang trem I'm used to. I'm totally gonna gonna go for it with the bigsby on the jag
  5. Hey everyone, I'm kinda new round these parts so: sup hows it goin? I was thinking of installing a bigsby on my Jag HH special and was wondering what people thought. I think I saw a few pics of other peoples Jags who did the same thing. Perhaps I could get some insight from them. cheers, Amnesiac
  6. Dude, that is certainly a badass Jag mod. I'm seriously considering installing a bigsby on my Jag HH. would you recommend it? Was it a tricky install? and most importantly how does it sound and play?
  7. Dude, what kind of scissors did you use to cut the metal? or is it just really thin metal? I'm working on a similar mod for my Jag and your method intrigues me
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