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  1. Just ordered a Duncan Hot Rail for $48 on Ebay. It's one of the older kind, not the newer plastic ones.
  2. I actually decided that I might keep the stock guard and get a single coiled sized humbucker. I can't decide between a Dimarzio Fast Track 2 or a Duncan Hot rail though
  3. Good news! The guitar finally arrived! So far Im prety happy with it, really liking the green sparkle finish. I'm not sure how to upload pics though. The guitar plays well, but it really needs some new stings.
  4. I actually ordered a sunburst squier affinity tele, but for some reason the order didn't go through. Thats when I bought the strat.
  5. Not sure, should I go for 1 meg or 500k. Btw, ur strat looks just like the strat Pat Smears used when he toured with Nirvana, except his had a black hb in the bridge
  6. Well I just bought this http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Used-USED-SQUIER-STRAT-GREEN-109768428-i3555996.gc Its a green Squier Standard Strat. I'm thinking about installing a Dimarzio Super D in the bridge and replacing the pickguard with a black HSS one.
  7. I really like the green body and the black pickguard with the white pups, now Im considering getting a blue or green squier strat and putting black pg on it. How well do the tuners stay in tune?
  8. I don't own one, but try Gain maxed out, bass on 12 o clock, treble on 2 o clock, and mids maxed out. Thats what always seems to work for me. Then again it also depends on amp, guitar, etc.
  9. That's a good cover, I think I've seen some of your stuff before. Don't you own a Univox Hi Flyer? If so would you say its worth 250?
  10. Ok so heres the deal, I've been looking around for a new guitar lately, but the problem is I'm really limited to cash. My goal is $200, but I can stretch to 250 if its a really good deal. I was thinking about trying to find a cheap fender mim strat, but then I saw some cheap Squier Bullets and Affinitys on Craigslist, so I could just buy one for $75 and spend $125 on a new bridge pup, new tuners, new electronics, and a new nut. But is it worth it? Or should I try to get a Fender MIM. I used to own a Squier Bullet HH, but I remember that it never stayed in tune well. Or are there any other guit
  11. Hey guys, I just bought it! I only paid 32 bucks, as I accidentally brought a $1 instead of a $5. The person also threw in a cable and a soft case. It plays pretty nice. Has a great neck and good finish. No cracks or anything, just has a couple of scratches. The only problem is the tuners arent great, and i might swap out the pickups for something better, but other wise its a great guitar. Definitely better than the Squier Bullet Strat i used to have. Ill upload pics soon.
  12. hey guys, i was wondering has anybody here ever use the Peavey Raptor? Im talking the 90's ones that look like strats. There's one on craigslist right now for only $35. It was originally 50 put i talked the guy down to 35. Is it worth it? Also, are there any recommended upgrades?
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