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  1. Black electrical tape seems to have done the trick.
  2. I wanted to go for the Novoselic 'pickguard off' look. Then this happened...
  3. http://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/fender-squire-mustang-relic-guitar/1113266468 The seller said the serial number has been covered up by the paint job. What do you make of this guitar?
  4. See below email I sent to Fender. Hi Ben Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately we're not currently doing that particular guitar. We are however doing a similar model, the Vintage Modified Mustang, which can be viewed on our website here. Kind Regards Josh Franklin Sales Administrator Fender Great Britain & Ireland www.fender.com FENDER...The Spirit of Rock-n-Roll ® Hi, Will Squier be releasing this guitar for the public to buy (see attached photo)
  5. Memphis style or Nashville style? I couldn't find a Memphis style so I went for the Gotoh GE103 Nashville style.
  6. Thanks for the info. So that's the Gotoh Tune O Matic with the thin posts?
  7. Is the TOM in the above picture a TOM with the thin or thicker poles?
  8. I had my Cobain Mustang modded to be abit more like Kurt's regular Mustang used live.
  9. I did end up buying a new one a few months ago from Amazon Japan. I set up a Japanese forwarding address to get it delivered to the UK. I paid around £650 - £700 for the guitar including import tax, forwarding company and shipping. The import tax alone was £130. I’ve had the guitar modded like Kurt Cobain’s (I will upload a photo below) Hotrail in the bridge, 10-52 strings and flipped the bridge.
  10. I want to make a replica of this Kurt Cobain Strat. I guess the Humbucker is a JB? Any idea what TOM would be best suited? If anyone can give me any advise or further info that would be great. http://i991.photobucket.co
  11. I took my guitar to a tech be set up like Kurt's. Is the hotrail the wrong way around? If so, does it matter? Also. The TOM saddles are in two different directions. Is that a problem? The tail price has been flipped like Kurt's. But as you see in the pics below the hole for the whammy on mine is in a different place to the one on Kurts .What's up with that? Guitar sounds and plays great though.
  12. Something similar to a Texas Special. I'm putting a hotrail in the bridge and use the a lot too. Maybe I will just change the bridge and hear how it sound.
  13. Thanks. Can you recommend a good neck pickup replacement for a Mustang that a cover will fit?
  14. Can I replace my neck MIJ pickup with a Tex Special single coil and will the Mustang pickup cover fit the Tex Special?
  15. Cool. Where did you find that picture?
  16. Thanks for that redman/Mad-Mike. It is the Strat that Kurt Cobain destroyed during Endless Nameless and live in Montreal '91 that I am trying to replicate. I guess Kurt Cobain had the rout filled and painted, as I can not see a hole in the body of the guitar.
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