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  1. OK, so I know very little about amp rigs.

    I'm thinking of putting together what I think maybe a nice little rig:

    * Marshall 2x12 Cab with Celestion Vintage 30 12", 60watts/8 Ohm (RMS), 100db

    * Mesa Boogie Studio Pre Amp

    What power amps would you recommend?

    The majority of power amps I've seen are very high powered.

    Any Carver, Crest or Crown power amps out there that will fit the bill?

  2. I am hoping to buy a Fender MG73/CO OTM next month, but it is proving difficult to find one as they are discontinued.

    I have contacted Ichibashi and they confirmed out of stock and it's rare to find one in their used section.

    I've have waded through other Japanese site to no avail.

    Is it rare to find this guitar for sale?

    I guess I will only find used?

  3. I read that Kurt Cobain used a Mesa Boogie Studio preamp and a Crown Power Amp (as shown in the photos below)


    I was wonder what the other gear in the racking was?


    The unit above the power amp looks to be Marshall.


    The top unit looks like a video cassette recorder :)


    There is also something on top of the flight case in one of the photos.





  4. It's a brand new guitar and all wiring was untouched by me and still no tone control.

    I took a picture of the wiring before I attacked the pots with a solder iron :) and referred to the picture when soldering the joints.

    Thanks for the advise. I will have a go at cleaning up the pots.

    The pictures make the pots black and perhaps dirtier than they actually appear.

    Like I said it's all brand new. The loss of tone control happened before any soldering took place.

    Pots and wire are cheap so think I may start again with new electrics, if cleaning up the current pots doesn't work.

    Do 500k pots work well with P90's?

  5. Firstly, I would like to say that I am a novice at guitar mods.

    Since replacing the pickguard on my Eastwood Hi Flyer, I am unable to get any treble when rolling the tone knob on and off.

    I though it may have something to do with the foil shield on the back of the pickguard ( I used tin foil on the new pickguard ) So I fitted back on original pickguard but still no tone control.

    I decided to buy a solder iron and 0.33 Orange Cap. I touched up some of the joints and attached the new capacitor, thinking maybe one of the solder joint came apart during the pickguard change.... But still no tone control.

    The volume works fine as does the pickup selector switch.

    Any ideas?



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