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  1. I am actually pretty disappointed. The quality of the guitar isn't that great to be honest. I expected a little more. I am going to be returning it today. It would take some work to get the guitar up and running but for that type of cash I could get a Johnny Marry Jaguar or even better I could have a custom Mustang built for by Fano. they have a mustang model already that can customized for...

  2. Finally unboxed mine. I like it but the set up on it is pretty bad from the factory. I see this as a guitar with lots of potential after taking it to my luthier for a professional set up and upgrades: different tuners, locking abr-1 bridge w/graph tech saddles, vintage cloth style wiring, flip/lock the tailpiece, fret job, tusk xl nut, etc. I am a huge fan of the Tonestyler so that will be going in to replace the tone pot. I have been curious abut the Shadow Kill Pot to so that might make an appearance to replace the existing volume control. The neck is nice and slim. I have forgotten how the Mustang neck feels. Brings back memories.
  3. If it were me I would take it in to a luthier. I know it is simple to do but it's good to get to know who is a good luthier in your area and who is a bad one for later on when you may want or need something a little more involved.
  4. A few good solid state amps would be the Gibson Lab Series co-desginged by Bob Moog, late 70's Roland Jazz Chorus amps and a really rare amp by Gibson called the Gold Chorus. I still like boutique tube amps by far.
  5. I would think they would take it a step further and contour the body as well. They would need to separate it from the previous runs.
  6. Just placed my order for a Sonic Blue Cobain Mustang today from Musicians Friend. I got it down to $896 and I couldn't say no to it. Very excited this came out. I have been wanting one since I was 14.
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