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  1. The owner got the decal through Fender and when the refinish was done he added it back to make it look good and then sealed it in the finish. Came out looking sharp. As a Tele guy I'm pretty used to the delicacy when playing and the bare aspect of the guitar. Love the simplicity of the Tele but I'm so addicted to this Mustang now. When I went to check out the Mustang the owner had me come to his rehearsal space so I could run it through his setup and make sure I liked it. He informed me of the refinish in advance and let me know the pups were new, as well as the pups and the chrome plate. The bridge is original and nice and worn looking. Overall I'm very happy with it because the old feel of it makes it unique and the neck is great. Love the tinting to the neck.
  2. Well, I've wanted a Mustang since I was 9 and now that I'm about to be 29, I gave in and got one. She's a 65' or 66' and has new pots and new pups and a refinish. Plays amazingly through all my amps and I think I finally found something to get me off my recently Tele kick(bought three last month). Here she is with my new CVC: and with the Hwy1 added in: Still don't have shots of the new ASAT Special in blueburst with it. Finally got a Mustang and happy to get an older beater if perfect playable condition for me. Almost went for an RI, but I got this one for $500. Loving the neck.
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