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  1. If you're set on a stang w/ single coils, I'd say just spend your 850 on something vintage. There's just something about old guitars that feels different. Then if you don't like it, sell it for what you paid, at least. That won't happen if you build your own.
  2. Bought all the pieces separately. The body was sold to me as a 64 but has no SN or dates and the neck is an actual 65, so I'm calling it a 65 Its a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a SD Hot Rails in the neck. The hardware is from Warmoth, its an adjustable bridge made to accommodate any neck radius (I originally thought either a compound Warmoth neck or a 9.5" radius neck was going on it). I can tell you that the screws that adjust bridge height are sorta crappy in that they can wear on your hand. The pots are both 500k, cap is .02. Just one 3-way selector switch also from Warmoth that chooses B/B&N/N pickup like a les paul. Dunlop strap locks. Aftermarket tuners (Schaller I think?) were on neck when I got it, as was the brass nut. It was routed for humbucker (in an amateurish fashion) when I got it, so I don't care a bit about the whole guitar looking a little bastardish, it adds mojo The tailpiece is locked w/ bolt and nut and bridge is taped to be immobilized. I'm glad I bought a vintage neck cuz there's no way a new one could feel this nice and broken it. Feels really "satin-like" on the back and the rosewood is so tight grained and smooth like ebony. Plus - the neck has a nice flame going on, I dig it! I'm pretty happy w/ the tone I've got so far. The Dimarzio is just the output I was looking for, it lets plenty of natural tone shine through but has great harmonics and drive too. I'd say as a les paul player this guitar has the balls of les paul (not the sustain) but is much more comfortable to play, both the shorter neck and thinner/lighter body.
  3. Ohh I get it. That would definitely make me need to play it first. I could see that making the tone thinner.
  4. Nice post and nice guitar. 2 questions: How did the first one get stolen? How was it getting the grounding all taken care of on that warmoth? Is there a route running to the bridge?
  5. Help me understand what you mean with the humbucker being too close to the bridge. Got a pic? Other than that, if you can snag it for $550 I say do it if you are secure about the above mentioned issue.
  6. Re: customs/duty/import tax: I have bought 3 guitars directly from Japan. 2 were used, one was new and never paid any tax on any of em. One shipment even had a receipt showing a customs fee of ~108.00 (the new one) that they never collected from me. All 3 were from different sellers. I'd say your chances of paying customs are pretty random but more likely on a new guitar. YMMV
  7. Thanks for the input. I found some 1 3/8" length I think I will try. Just no way the 1 3/4 ones will safely work in mine.
  8. What length are your neck screws and what model Mustang do you have? I bought 1 3/4" and now when I go to install my 65 Jaguar neck to my 64-69 slab body Mustang I'm thinking they'd come right up under the fret board and could damage the neck and if so need to know what length to get. Thanks!
  9. Some don't (mine doesn't have any routing to ground the strings). I plan to put a small piece of B string running from under the tailpiece plate to the control plate on top of the body. Barely noticable since they are right next to each other but should do the job. Found that trick on another website.
  10. OK cool thanks. I'll have time to think about what to do since I'm waiting on my new neck pickup, wiring and the switches, bridge and tailpiece will be here from Warmoth tomorrow. Neck just got purchased on ebay today from a 65 model (think its from a Jag since it says "contoured body" on it.
  11. I'd much rather just have a LP type toggle but use just one slider. I'm totally new to modifying my guitar wiring but good enough with tools and learning to get the job done. I have seen the alternate mustang schematic on this site but am wondering if it can get simpler yet without routing the body. Thanks!
  12. Hello all. I just bought a 64-69 (was sold as 64) mustang body, not 100% sure but think finish is original, tons of weather checking going on that don't show in photo, routing around the pickguard and body isn't perfect but it doesn't bother me a bit for this project's purposes: And this, a DiMarzio BC-1 "stacked" SC sized humbucker: I don't yet have the pickup delivered, however after ordering I noticed how much larger this is than a regular SC pickup. It's .9" thick and .72" wide, not to mention the flange that may not fit in the body route, which is 9/16" deep. I can't return it if I open the box to really see if it'll fit easily enough so I gotta measure and eyeball, so I'm posing the question: Do you know of any mustangs with a pickup this size in the NECK position? (which is typical of the SC sized stacked pickups Dimarzio offers (Air Norton S etc)
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