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  1. Ah, that graph was very helpful. If MIJ T Mustangs are the current ones, my guitar must be close to new after all, I should have concluded this in the first place but the Fender Japan website I looked at didn't display any current cycled serial numbers for models made since 2006 or so. My Mustang basically does look and feel new, the one hint that it could have been old was the paint job, I always loved the pictures of the olympic white Mustangs, they were so bright looking but now that I have one the color actually looks more vintage white to me, almost as if it was in fact aged slightly, b
  2. With the various Mexican made Jaguars available these days, it seems Jags have more tonal versatility, and they have more switches to alter tones but I think that's their downfall. If you were to play one for an audience, you might switch one of your pickups off by accidentally hitting one of the switches. I don't own a Jag but I've already turned off pickups on my Mustang by accident, and it only has two horizontal slide switches, I can only imagine how easy it is to do that on a Jaguar. For clean sounds, they both sound good, I love the Mustang neck pickup's clean sound. For distortion
  3. I also saw from the same guide that (MIJ) To + 5 digits = 2007-2010 and (MIJ) Uo + 5 digits = 2010-current. But that's even more confusing to me, my serial number looks like a lone T along with six numbers.
  4. Yes, that was the Fender Japan serial guide I saw too, that a (MIJ) T + 6 digits = 1994-1995. I guess they started recirculating the letters in 2006 or so but I haven't seen the updated guide yet for the newer models being produced since 2005/2006.
  5. Ok so it looks like most recent Mustangs are MIJ. The one I bought looks plenty new to me, I'm assuming it was made within the last year or two, but it looks like I can't be certain.
  6. Well in that case, now I'm curious, when exactly did they switch back to Made in Japan from Crafted in Japan? Maybe that would help me with dating it.
  7. This one is a MIJ 1994 serial number. If they are recycling them, this actually makes sense, I couldn't believe the guitar was old. I guess this means you can't date the current models. Thank you for letting me know this, I was worried for a while.
  8. A few days ago I purchased my first Mustang, a 65 reissue model in Olympic white with the red tort pickguard, made in Japan etc... The store I bought it from assured me the guitar was new and never used before, and they claimed they had not had it for very long before I bought it from them. Just by looking at the guitar, this all seems to be true, it does look in brand new condition and it is fully functional and plays great, I have played it for several hours a day since I took it home and have had no problems whatsoever with it. It didn't even need a set up or a truss rod adjustment when
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