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  1. I'd say go vintage with a Mustang as you can still find 1960s and 1970s guitars cheap as a new, especially if not especially original with swapped pickups, refinishes, etc. Still got loads of mojo. Plus, the small frets and vintage radius of an old mustang kind of IS a Mustang for me. It's not like a Strat where even crappy claims to 'vintage status' shove the price up by miles.
  2. The Jaguar is probably the only guitar I spent a load of money on and fairly quickly didn't much like. Not because it was bad but the short scale but rather large body and quirky electrics just didn't give me anything I'd value over over a more flexible stratocaster. I have to admit buying it largely because Jaguars looked more 'alternative' and 'cool'. The Mustang sounds a lot like a Jaguar. The old ones certainly had slightly 'poorer' pickups than the strat-like ones fitted to the Jag but I think they give a different, pleasing retro character. By and large a Mustang and Jag with the same scale length sound very similar for the most part. The Jaguar is fancier and more majestic-looking but I don't think it has fundamentally better 'quality' aside from said pickups. It's the size of the Mustang and the simplicity of it that really won me over and it's the only seriously vintage guitar I could afford to buy in original form. It just sounds great. I use it a lot for arpeggiated rhythm parts where I tended to use a Rick 330 - not that it sounds anything like the same, but it just covers that material really well. But it's also a good 'mini strat' for lead parts. I play 99% the Mustang and a Gibson 335 these days - barely touch the stratocaster or the Rick.
  3. Hmm... dunno... never been a fan of artist series guitars and reissued Mustangs in general are too close in price to the vintage stuff out there. A very original 60s mustang might be, what $1500-$1700 - a modified less original one with bags of mojo could be no more than a reissue.
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