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  1. Here's a little youtube video I put together today when I was procrastinating doing other things: There is a part 1 and 2 because apparently i don't know how to use a computer.
  2. Thanks redman1401, I just bought it and will post when it is applied. ok, update on the bass: i have traced/enlarged/fiddled with the lines for the outline. I have also sourced some mahogony. my buddy is fantastic with woodworking and thinks I should not paint it and do my own pickguard out of curly maple. i still like the idea of sonic blue or seafoam green with a pearl pickguard. any thoughts? pics should be up soon!
  3. hey guys, so here is a quick update. I am in law school and have been slogging my way through finals so the project will really begin over summer. cobainjagstang123: that sounds awesome and I would love to see pics! also the vandalism strat is semi-complete but I haven't been able to find the sticker. It was on e-bay forever and then when I went to buy ot it was gone. Also the guitar's neck is funky. The last owner stripped the truss rod so I can't get the action right and there is also somethign funky with the string spacing- the hi e is to close to the edge of the fretboard. Once I get it a
  4. This looks great! What kind of wood did you use? What kind of pickups? Am I correct in assuming it is from Warmoth?
  5. Hey folks, So after my Warmoth Jagstang project I have been dying to start another project. (I am currently working on a Vandalism strat project but I am not super excited about strats so my heart isn't totally into it-though I can post pictures if anyone is interested.) My idea is failry simple. I have a squier bass p-bass that I have replaced the pickups with Fender Original 62's. It sounds awesome, but in my mind looks horrible. It red with a white pickguard and just doesn't stir anything. Sooo I have seen this image floating around:Jag-Stang Bass My plan is to use mustang hardward/pick
  6. Right on. Thanks for the info. Those headstocks look really sweat. I also can't wait to see how your guitar comes out!
  7. oh, also where did you get the neck and how much did it cost out of curiosity?
  8. This is a great thread! I am starting another project on a warmoth basswood strat body and a squier classic vibe neck that I got for almost nothing on e-bay (if it turns out to be a dud I will find a different one, but people seem to really dig them and in any case it hasn't arrived yet) and this is super helpful. Also, I have been pondering putting a decal on the headstock of my Jagstang, but I am worried about seeing the lines. Does that bug you at all? Or am I just being too anal?
  9. Thanks! I will try to get it together to record some in the next couple of days.
  10. Update: I swapped out the mexican single coil for a fender vintage noiseless one. The results are freaking amazing. I was a little skeptical, but it totally kills the single coil buzz or hum. The only pain was getting a white cover for the pickup as the "white" ones are actually cream covered. Not a huge deal, but not super easy to find either.
  11. What kind of sound do you want? Do you want to keep it a single coil or switch to a stacked humbucker? I just swapped in a Fender vintage noiseless single coil and I love it, though you might prefer the hot noiseless one. The noiseless pickups totally get rid of the buzz which is pretty sweet, but they come with a cream pickup cover so you have to find a white pickup cover elsewhere. (If that kind of thing bugs you.)
  12. Thanks! Yeah, the body is alder. I kind of went back and forth on it. My original thought was to use mahogany, but mahogany is a little too les-pauly for what I was looking for. I then seriously considered basswood like the original, but then ruled that out because of how easily it got banged up on my original one. I finally settled on alder because it it really articulate, if a bit ubiquitous. I like it because it suits my current playing style a little bit more whereas basswood was really cool when I was playing punk rock exclusively.
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