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  1. Thanks for the info.

    I wasn't sure what the deal was behind it. Personally, I'd prefer contours, but the lack of contours really doesn't affect my choice to purchase one.

    I was lurking on Ishibashi the other day to see how much a competition 'Stang with matching headstock would cost. Around 800 or so USD so I figured I'd pick up on of these and get it refinished to suit my fancy.

  2. I love the idea of Squier Mustangs and Jaguars.

    My dad bought me the Classic Player HH Jaguar back in 2008 or something, an $800 price tag I believe, and I imagine that, being 21 now, that will be the last guitar he ever buys for me lol

    These lower priced Jaguar, Jazzmaster, and Mustangs are ideal for me. I've always been more inclined to buy Epiphone and Squier guitars because of the lower price. If something is wrong with it, I can always fix it as it comes along, make it a "real" guitar.

    Needless to say, I am going to scoop up the Fiesta Red Mustang as soon as I can, maybe paint the headstock to match and put a competition stripe on the body.

  3. I got the classic player yesterday in Olympic white. Amazing sounds are hidden in that thing! After looking closer I can see the strings will be easy to change. You wouldnt believe how much I paid for it, ended up buying it off a blues guitar player that had it listed online. It's in mint condition. Can't wait to start writing with it! Thanks for the help!

    Stellar! Pics or it didn't happen ;D

  4. So... Fender's Custom Shop calls and tells you that they desperately want to produce a signature model for you. How would you design it?

    I've been playing with the thought myself today, and this is what I've come up with. Behold - the Stratmaster.


    I really dig that!

    I'm not sure if I would want to create a franken-guitar or just a signature version of a pre-existing guitar, but for now, I'd go with an early model DuoSonic in Dakota Red with a matching headstock. I really dig the Duo Sonic that I have now and would love for more of them to be available, but with my own little tweaks stapled on.

  5. I own a Classic Player dual humbucker Jaguar and have played a HH Blacktop Jag previous to owning my Classic Player.

    I personally prefer the Classic Player over the Blacktop. The CP has coil splitting abilities which offer up a wide range of tones that you can pull from the guitar. I wasn't particularly fond of the tones that I got when played the Blacktop, it was a bit too, for lack of better words and phrases, heavy/thick/Les Paul-EE for my taste, so I got a used Quier Duosonic and waited a couple of years to get a Jaguar when the CP's came out.

    As for the tremolo, I find that it doesn't hinder changing the strings at all.

    All in all, I'd say go for the Classic Player. You would probably find it more satisfying and versatile than the HH Blacktop.

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