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  1. I'm 6'7" and have quite fat fingers, i dont have any problems playing it :/ But your idea can work. And if you think you'll be more comfortable playing it then go for it!
  2. I still think behind the bridge is the best place for the switches, gonna try it on my stang when i'm able to fix it's doomed intonation problems.
  3. A while ago i posted here about me not getting my 'b' string to sound correct. I've tried alot of things since then but i still can't get it to sound proper. I came to conclusion it MUST be the intonation, my mate checked up my guitar and said it's unbelievable this got through the Final checks of Fender. Long story short. My saddles are maxed out to the f*cking max, AND STILL THE INTONATION IS TOO SHARP A mate of mine that did some guitar setups for soundgarden occasionally, said that he could fix it but then the whole bridge needed to be moved 3mm to the butt, and if that wouldn't work then my guitar is basicly f*cked. Isn't there a bridge that has extended saddles or what? I've been struggling with my guitar for over 8 months now. I paid nearly 1 grand for it after some pickup/humbucker mods. It f*cking feels like i'm about to break up with a girlfriend. Please.. Please help me!
  4. im using Dean Markleys 10-52 Blue Steel strings (Awesome sound, but the strings don't last that long)
  5. Yea i tried to fix the intonation with the saddles but the 'e b d g' are maxed out and still a little too flat. the saddle at the B string is almost maxed about but its perfectly intonated. the same goes for the high-pitched E So i guessed i had to check my neck, and so i did Im not sure which one it is, it looks dead straight but the strings are closer to the fretboard on the first fret than on the last fret. (Which is not shown in the the dead-straight picture only on the back bowed one, so im not sure which one it is..)
  6. I agree with Spirograph, of the 3 that you have linked i prefer the Blackstar, in general, i prefer the DS-2 by Boss or the DF-2 by boss.
  7. Yea i checked them, found some dirt in them, i had nothing thin enough to fit between it, so i took out my trustworthy dagger and very very gently cleaned the slots, but it didnt make a single difference
  8. Killing a moose just for a nut ? that #### really happens ?
  9. Ah now it seems more clear to me, thanks alot mate i'll just buy a new nut, cause even if i manage to clean it, it clearly seems like it's worn out. Thanks man! Do you have any recommendations of any specific nuts i should get ?
  10. Well the strings do only touch the nut, not touching the fretboard at all, hmm.. EDIT: PICTURES OF NUT & BRIDGE http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/687/s1160048.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/560/s1160053.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/805/s1160055.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/35/s1160066.jpg/ Also, is this thing suppose to be loose ? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/s1160067.jpg/ Im not sure if it was stuck or loose when i bought my guitar Youtube video of my sound, since im not sure if it really is out of tune since i spend this whole day adjusting the tremolo piece (Some say that if you don't change it, that it might sound out of tune or goes out of tune faster) But i must say that it sounds better now, it wasn't as bad as before, but i still notice something.. off. at 0:15 i start holding down the b string 1st fret at 0:20 i start playing the intro of Bob Dylan's Hurricane, where in my ears you can really hear the b string clearly and it just does not sound right to me at 0:30 i started playing About a girl (which did not require me to hold down a fret on the b string, which is the reason why i played it) Then at 1:15 i start playing around with the Am Chord & b string & at the end somewhere i played something random which uses de e b & g strings I know a demo of the sound might not be such a great idea but im just really starting to doubt if its maybe just me.
  11. I don't get the seymour HB on the compstang since kurt's well known blue compstang had single coils or a hotrail(?) (as seen in this video)
  12. Yea i first thought that it might just be the strings too, but i have changed them with different brands such as Dean Markley (My most used one) and Ernie Ball, also tried titanium (coated) strings, i haven't tried a different gauge yet, since i prefer 10-52. But i didn't think that the gauge could cause any problems except for the intonation on the top 3 strings which i have little problems with as i mentioned before. Not sure if i could call myself an insomniac, but without my med's i can hardly sleep before 24 hours of awakeness But besides that, how do you exactly mean 'take off' ? I am pretty inexperienced with the nut. Oh and i forgot to mention that when the top of my neck splitted my tuners were also broken down. So i had them replaced, (Still fender) but i don't think thats the root of the problem, i'm just saying it just in case Greetings, Me
  13. Hey everybody, I have a Fender Mustang 65' Reissue, it took me 6 months of hard work to get the amount of money needed to pay it.. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!! I was playing guitar for almost a year when i bought it, so i tried it at one of the only shops that sold them in my area, i wasn't really noticing any small out-of-tunes thingy's. But after several years of more music intrest i became more familiar with perfection of sound. In the middle of all these years this baby build up character, it witnessed my big downs and ups in my life, i would almost call her my girlfriend. I did some stupid things with my stang, one day i smashed it into my (back then) fairly new Fender Amplifier after some personal issues, the top of the neck was splitted. I got it repaired by a proffesional guitar-smith and he fixed it up very nicely. I must admit that i am lucky to have him as a friend lol. (Just telling this so everyone here knows why i mistreated her) I still f*ing love my mustang it has a custom dimarzio humbucker in it making it sound more thick and rough. Okay, so now if you still haven't been bored by my Guitar-life-story then maybe you could help me out. So now that i have turned into a 'perfectionist' when it comes to music i notice that when im fretting anything on the b-string it sounds slightly out of tune. When im playing Hurricane by Bob Dylan (which uses the b-string 99% of the whole song) i notice that its not in tune. So i thought hey maybe it's the intonation, so i followed the guide here, and the intonation on the b-string was still completely fine. However the E A & D strings i just can not get a perfect intonation on that, in the guide it says that when the 12th fret is overtuned that you should move the saddle to the butt, but im at the max @ saddle-to-the-butt, and it is still a bit over-tuned, i tried repositioning my bridge more to the butt, but it did not help. So to make a too long story short, i have 2 problems: My B-string sounds (slightly) out of tune when holding down a fret (I.E holding the Am chord) And i can't intonate the top 3 strings properly (E A & D strings) cause i can't get the saddle anymore further to the butt, it's maxed out. Greetings, Me And i really hope to get some tips. Otherwise i have to bring it to my friend again and it'll probably cost me 40 bucks for a full set up. (I know that the big guitar companies ask more than 40 bucks but still, i'd rather fix my baby myself, it has so #### much character!) Excuse me for any typo's or wrong grammar but i havent slept in 31 hours so it's kinda hard to write all this without errors since english is not my foreign language.
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