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  1. I thought about doing that. I always thought it would be cool to have an Invader with a lace sensor.
  2. Their are no body contours and the pickups in it suck. Kurt himself seldom used it because he didn't like it. Personally, I like the neck and action, but you can get that on allot of guitars. The mustang/jag-stang bridge also kinda sucks. you can lock it or get to work right, its just not the kind of bridge one goes out of their way to get. I would never play it live unless the pickups were changed. It's very twangy. 6/10
  3. it can play great if you set it up right. mine was setup all wrong for years and I HATED it. Since my brother toook the time to fix it, it's one of my favorite to play, and it probably has my favorite neck too. The action is good, the neck is thin, and the bridge doesn't have to be locked. If you know how to set it up right the thing doesn't fall out of tune every to you use the wammy bar. The issue is definitely the pickups. It sounds like a tin can full of Canadian coins. You'll have to put some new pickups in it.
  4. Everybody has preferences in pickups. personally, I like the sound of the stock pickup that come in squier guitars. IDK why. The Invader humbuckers are way over the edge, but those are fun once in a while, I also like lace sensors as single coils. I'm a high-end-junky. The Jag-Stang has a great clangy tone, but it's really no good for distortion.
  5. I made this many years ago. It has the body of a jag-Stang, except the bottom wing is more like a mustang. It has the electronics of a jazzmaster with two lace sensors, a stringthru strat bridge, neck from an old CBS mustang with the huge headstock and with star inlay. I also added racing stripes
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