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    Live in Utah in a state of confusion... or is it the other way around?

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  1. It just so happens I do. I keep waffeling on selling or not selling. I had an orange one, but sold it. Now I have the yellow, but I just never play it. Not a scracth on it. Looks like new. I blocked the tremolo, and the back cover plate it long gone. And I'm new, so how trustworthy am I? Well I think I am, but how to know it anyone else out there is...........? I'm looking for $499. Have no idea what the shipping would be to GB.
  2. I've got a Pignose "full stack"........ It's got 4 inch woofers. And for an "amp it's size",it sounds like it has speakers only half that big!!!! LOL
  3. I LOVE my Vox!!!!!!!!! But then, It's a bit older......
  4. Well, is isn't exactly a Jazzmaster...... I call it my SURFCASTER.
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