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  1. im defenitly going to make this mod to my mustang. i read all the post made by ''prozac79'' but my english being bad i found myself lost during some parts of his explanation. I want to mod it like it is shown on the pic posted above. So basically all i need is 2 screws and 2 washers + removing the tailpiece springs, right ?
  2. oh well, got me a NY big muff pi ( the one with round dials) . . . 61.00$ Its like new, the guy used it one time for his bass and didnt like it... thx for replys/advices
  3. When played clean i think the JB.jr sound better than the Hotrail, the Hotrail have no tone, no bass. When played with distortion i think they both sound about the same, the Hotrail seem to have more ''power''/outpout. But if you can get a full sized Jb go for it, its still the best IMO.
  4. hum wait wait, im a little confused there, i thought both the big muff and the little big muff were made in NYC .. .. so what, how many models of the big muff is there around ?? A LBM ? B LBM ? NYC bif muff ? NYC Muff Pi ? and the russian one ? im just looking for one of thoses :
  5. i will probably buy one, but should i go for the little big muff or the ''normal'' sized big muff ??? do they sound exactly the same ? and so why is the little big muff a little cheaper on musiciansfriend and most music shops ?
  6. ok, well, im waiting a call from my guitarshop to know if they can order for me a pg from fender, if fender dont want to sell the reissue mustang pg as a seperate piece ill definitely contact you ! !
  7. Augustus_McCrae i think youre are gonna make me happy ! help me pls. i need a white pearl pg to fit on my mustang comp, reissue. here's is how the allparts look on mine and i hate it. like you can see the pg doesnt fit well around the neck, the vibrato metal plate and the volume/tone metal plate. + additionals screws have been dig in the guitar to install the pg, and the volume/tone metal plate was also moved a little ( by adding a new screw ) so it result theres some space between the vibrato plate and the volume plate ( like you can see on the picture) I'll buy one from you, if you can
  8. i was about to make a thread about this me too, cause im also confused. the pickguard i have on my comp. mustang reissue is made by AllParts and it doesnt fit at all, the idiot who had this guitar before me even dig new screws to install the pickguard (jerk). All i know is that a vintage mustang pickguard isnt the same as a reissue mustang pickguard. I don't want to buy a copy like warmoth or allparts cause it just doesnt fit well, i want a real one made by Fender but Fender only sell the vinatge ones i think, grrrrrrrr !!!
  9. Yes, probably have been asked before. . . i have a full sized JB in my jag and a single Jb Jr, in my mustang. when played with distortion they sound almost the same, but when played clean theres a really big difference, in fact the JB sound awsome clean and the jb. Jr. sound disgusting clean, the jb. jr. have no tone, no sound, its like totally unplayable clean. so wtf, is it ''normal'' ??
  10. ok look so where should i set the springs ? in the middle ? or in the lowest position ? also, it doesnt seem easy to unhook the springs, they are quiet rigid edit: actually, the position of the springs is not the problem. i removed the plate on my jag-stang also, and it is set the same way.
  11. they are brand new on the mustang, and about 1 month old on the jagstang, and they are both 10's d'addario
  12. earlier, when i pulled the plate out, i noticed there was 3 slots in which the springs can go, and the springs were settled on the higher ones, so i think this is my prob, wait a minute, ill take it out again and post a pic
  13. hum yes, the tailpiece on my jagstang is lower, we can even notice it on the pics i posted, i got the right allen key, ill try to lower it a bit.
  14. bah no, i removed the ''metal plate'' to take a look, and the springs are in good condition, theres a lot of tension. i even wonder if theres too much tension on the metal plate, after all only a couple of screws are holding it on the body of the guitar.
  15. why is the tailpiece totally straigh on my jag-stang, but visibly angled ( toward the bridge direction) on my mustang ? ??
  16. ok yes, but can we really hear the difference ?? is it significally ?
  17. i think the poles on the f-spaced (trembucker) are supposed to fit better with the distance between each string of fender guitars, but ive also heard that it doesnt matter at all and makes no difference, On my JS i have a ''normal'' (not f-sapced) humbucker JB, the lutier who install it said it sound the same as a trembucker, but i never really knew if i got rip off or not . .
  18. cool ty, i think it sound very good (and nice playing by the way), do you have a 250K pot or 500K pot ? I recently won on ebay a reissue mustang with a Hotrail in the bridge, ill run it through a fender 30 watts and a ds-2.
  19. so if the hotrail sound better when the volume on the guitar is turned down i guess its better to have 250k pot instead of 500k pot ? ?
  20. id like to know what you all think about this pickup, does it have a nice clean tone ? and is it good for a solid distortion ? How yould you compare it with a JB ? also it would be awsome if someone could record a small clip ty
  21. ok ty, of course i wont do it myself, ill probably talk about it to the lutier who did some work on my guitar before, but thx for the offer to do it yourself,
  22. is it common to have to replace some new frets on a guitar every few years ? I have my JS since 2003 ( was a new reissue) and theres 3-4 frets that are quite used, theres even a hole that begin to dig on the second fret, where i play and bend the strings a lot. for the moment it's not a problem cause my guitar still play nicely and doesnt buzz but i guess eventually it will start to buzz.
  23. ok so the ''pitch'' on my tuner can vary from 435 to 446. . . and when i open it its always 440 as default. So i want to know how i can tune my guitar a ''whole step down'' and a ''half step down''. . .. is it 438 and 439 ? ? yea im noob
  24. ok so i gave my jag-stang to a guitar technician cause i wanted to change the neck pickup. Also, the technician recommanded me to ''stabilize'' the bridge and put in there some ''plastic pieces'' that i dont know how to call. Now my strings buzz a lot, espacially when i play powerchord. Ive noticed the bridge is much lower than it was before, so im pretty sure thats the problem, but i cant really get it higher since the allen key dont fit anymore in the hole ! ! ! wtf ? anyway i just want to know if you guys think the bridge seems too low, yea i know its a bit hard to tell based on pictures
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