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  1. As far as the humbucker goes, it's really about personal preference. If you don't plan on playing clean, something like the Seymour Duncan Invader is a nice distortion pickup. Unless you have it coil tapped or split, it tends to have a "dirty" tone to it. If I was you, I'd look on YouTube at different pickups and see which ones fit you. I have put Dimarzio, Duncan, GFS and kept stock pickups in my guitars. I like to have variety. Side note with GFS pickups, they are cheap and are made really well. I have been very impressed with them. Good luck in the search!
  2. My Custom Build Jag. Has a JB with coil split and killswitch
  3. My new setup: Guitars: (depending on my mood for the show) Fender Pawn Shop Mustang (Lake Placid Blue) Fender Mustang MIJ (Daphne Blue) Custom Jaguar I made myself (Purple w/ single JB Humbucker, Push/pull and Gold Hardware) Fender Modern Player Jaguar (Sunburst) Fender MIM Stratocaster (Sunburst W/ Maple Neck, JB Jr. in the Brindge and Texas Specials in middle and Neck) Fender Blacktop Telecaster (Silver Sparkle, Single Bridge GFS Crunchy Humbucker) Dillion Hi-Flier Clone with Bigsby style tremolo (Red) Epiphone G400 (Alpine White Dimarzio X2N in the Bridge and Deactivator in the Neck) Schecter Synyster Gates Custom (Black/Silver Pinstripe) Assorted Smash Guitars Effects: Pedal Train Classic Boss Auto Wah Snark Pedal Tuner Digitech Whammy 4 Boss DS-1 EHX Small Clone Boss Flanger MXR Noise Clamp TC Electronics HOF Reverb Mini Sansamp Tri AC (only when needed if failure of my amp) AMP: Mesa Boogie Studio Caliber .50 Plus (Modded to have a gain adjustment on each channel) Crate Oversized 4X12 Cab (Celestion 50 watt Speakers) I think that's it. You can hear my rig on my band's YouTube channel BarberFloyd. Check us out on facebook at www.facebook.com/barberfloydaz
  4. So if I just wanted to do away with the lower (coil splitting switch), how would i go about that? I just basically want it to be a gibson style switch on the guitar.
  5. I've seen this done on few guitars on here. I'm not a big fan of the mustang style switches on my jagstang. my fingers bump them too often. Anyone have any advice on changing those switches to a 3 way selector mod? Like a Cyclone. Thanks
  6. epiphone sg alpine white dimarzio x2n in bridge and D activator in neck fender fiesta red jagstang duncan jb in bridge and duncan vintage staggered in neck Fender M-80 chorus halfstack Boss DS-2, T.C. electronics nova repeater, small clone, tu-2, ibanez cf7, behringer nr300
  7. I play out of a Fender M-80 Chorus head with a 4-12 fender cab. This thing sounds pretty amazing. The built-in chorus has great tone. It is plenty loud. In fact I have never played it over 3volume. Even with my last drummer who played extremely loud with a big boy kit like dave grohl. I was very inpressed with it when I got it. I believe it was made in the 90s. It has that style. Made in the USA.
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