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  1. Just wondering if there's anyone making quality waterslide decals around here? I have a project Jagstang with a bare headstock. Let me know! Thanks
  2. I know I bought mine in late 96, it had been out for some time, a bit less than a year by my recollection. The 50th anniversary sticker applied to 96, my strat from that year had one too. I remember the Guitar Shop magazine featured the JS just before it came out at my local music shop, so we're looking at early 96 or late 95. I foolishly thought I could get SRV tone out of any fender!
  3. I am still working on mine (yeah 3 years and counting, university takes up all my time). But I always want to see cool mods to cool guitars. Show us what you've done to your Jag-Stang!
  4. I got the JS in 96 because I wanted a Fender sound, my first guitar was a Gretsch hollowbody. Now foolishly, I thought I could get a great SRV sound because there was a single coil in the neck position and it was a bolt-on neck, rosewood on maple. How little I knew! It didn't take long to figure out that the skinny neck, 24" scale, basswood body and tiny frets were not to my liking. The trem & tuners didn't take my 11-gauge string well either and I had tuning problems. For these reasons, I find it hard to call this guitar a "player". However, the looks are super cool and I started building
  5. Well that's what I was thinking. Especially since I will not be using the trem. Just wondering about things like sustain, string buzz and what not?
  6. Kinda pointless asking this, but here goes: what do you prefer? The stock mustang bridge or your tuneomatic? I have disabled the trem, so it's all going to be stable and I have both bridges so I have to choose. Is there a big difference in tone with the big round barrel saddles or pointy TOM ones? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I am building a Jazzmaster style guitar from scratch and I had a pickguard made for 3 pickups. The thing is, it looks like the positions are not right. Can somebody confirm for me if the neck pickup is positioned under the 24th fret harmonic? Also, what is the measurement from the bridge to the bridge pickup's pole pieces? Thanks if you can help!
  8. Just curious, I wasn't able to figure that out, I don't think I ever saw a picture of one with it.
  9. Well I decided it can not be denied. I am going to build a Jag, except it will be more of a Jazzy since I want 25.5" scale. I will just use the chrome control plates and probably 3 pickups. I have some of the parts already and a tracing of the Jaguar body shape when I tried to start a similar project 2 years ago. I have 1 jaguar pickup, the bridge (w. cover), lower control plate, knobs and a pickguard.
  10. I was quite surprised how much I liked this guitar. Besides the short scale and mini frets, it sounded really good and seemed well-made. Even the mute I thought was useful. You can't deny the good looks of a Jaguar with all that chrome, makes me want to own one! Useless post, I know but felt like sharing...
  11. Well I'm shootng for some kind of gold & green chameleon or flake thing. I have an aged pearl pickguard and the H2 pickups don't show any polepieces (like Lace Sensors but for humbuckers). If I chicken out, I'll most likely stick to green. Ironically I have a CBS neck with block inlays from Warmoth that I thought of putting on this one. I'm saving that for another project! The JS body shape is severely underrated IMO. I still say the 24" scale keeps it from being an awesome guitar and people should be copying it more!
  12. Uh lets see: body from scratch, neck from USACG, many parts from original JS (bridge plate, control plate), some aftermarket (TOM, tuners, neck plate, nut, etc). I have fancy paint on the way which I hope to start spraying after exams, in about 3 weeks. It has a full strat scale (slightly enlarged body). Mahogany/ebony neck, alder/ash body, modified "Fender" H2 pickups...
  13. Will do, as this thing starts to take shape. I started the project in 2004 and never really made the time for it. I needed to decide on the colors and the electronics, but I figured it out now and I have some funky paint coming by mail and it's almost warm enough outside to spray!
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