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  1. In California be back east to PA in 3 weeks, sorry if I didn't answer anyones phone calls er anything, phones broken

  2. niiiice. Don't see the sunburst with mint or white pickguards very much but I think it looks like a pretty cool color scheme
  3. Also, what are some unnecessary switches that could be on there. Nothing better than some good old useless switches.
  4. I'm "A-gassin" for a vintage one pickup guitar shaped like a mustang (that would be a bronco). But Broncos these days are not a cool amount of money, and i like to build things much more than just buying them, especially with guitars So would a mustang body with a pickguard fitted for just the one bridge pup (an awesome bridge pup that would have to be), work out all right? What would be the most bitchin' single coil pickup for a guitar like this Next time I raise some funds i plan to do this.
  5. simplicity is good man i wonder if the red pearl will look good on sunburst with cream pups
  6. Yeah i heard that song a couple of weeks ago, never heard of the band but that is my favorite song titled 24 i think haha
  7. Those look great, i'm gonna send my stuff to him tomorrow. I'm getting a red pearloid one cut for jazzmaster pups for the sunburst jagmaster project, maybe i'll post up some pics when it's all done
  8. Maybe i should just buy some parts and put one together
  9. This is a good technique for a sitar sound that i found works almost alot. 1) Tune yr guitar to the most middle eastern notes(harmonic minor) available, or anything else you want, depending on what your gonna play. 2) Get a preferably metal object and slide it in between your 1,2,3,4 or whatever number of pickups you have, i use a thick allen wrench with a large plastic handle(it was something i found in my toolbox), Sliding this in between pickups will bring all of the notes in your tuning up a couple of steps, so prepare. 3) PLAY. depending on a lot of things you will get the nice buzzing sound of a sitar
  10. Exactly then plug in to a wah and see what inter dimensional space and time hole you can open up lol
  11. It would be a totally cool guitar rewired and stuff,you should keep it though. I wonder where i can get my hands on one of those things.
  12. Now that I've been introduced to the bronco ill be gassing for it until i build/ get one.
  13. Ok cool, I wanted to make sure it wasn't some scheming business where they take yr pickguard and never return it, and all those good reviews about it were just tony himself logging into different identities, but that seemed kind of unlikely to me
  14. i don't but if i were to play a bass I think it would be that one, They look cooool
  15. Just detached everything from my pickguard to be sent to tony at pickguaradian. How are your pickguardian guards? post pics if you like/can.
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