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  1. no in Lille, north of france. i ask 470€, maybe i can do a special price inc shipping.
  2. take care about the holes of the control plate. They are too small for some pots like CTS. If they are from a squier i think they match. if you go with a bridge Hotrail pup, i think 500k is fine. Maybe you can add an amber tinted lacquer on it. The guitar will look more greeny like the kurt stang in Smells video. I'm going to do it on my sonic blue mustang (the one on my avatar). I did a parts stang too: i'm selling it, low price, contact me if someone is interested. Best mustang sound i ever played 'cause of th good boby wood quality.
  3. maybe you can order one from japan: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/badge/item/10002252/ then you add a hot rail, you lower the switches, very easy to do and you have a mustang like in the Smells video. OTM looks more like the greeny LPB mustang.
  4. hello, i'm new here. this my guitars: (my camera is crappy) a lovely cij sonic blue stang from 97: my project stang: pecs: homemade body, 69 repro bridge pickup, 74 musicmaster neck pickup, 3 ways switch, mij neck. and my 74 musicmaster bass:
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