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  1. I personally love Squiers, I bought a Squier Bullet (2008 or so) from a friend for $50 not too long ago. I refinished it, and replaced the pots, cap, jack, and switch. The tone was actually really good and I liked the feel (neck) on that "cheap" guitar more than on my $1000 dollar American Strat. It was more bassy than my USA Strat. Goes to show you need to play around before you spend the big bucks, but then again I've kinda developed a a do-it-yourself mantra with my guitars recently. What I'm getting at is if you're looking for a Mustang, try both the Squier and the USA in store (when it comes out) before you buy. This Mustang looks really promising, I'm quite excited, when these Squiers come out you can find bodies and necks for cheap on ebay, Mustangs are still pretty expensive on ebay. I'll be checking the used prices of these, even parted out. When I decide to get either a Jazz or Jag I will seriously look at the Squier options as well.
  2. This is going to be pretty cool, is that bridge pickup in it upside down?
  3. I went through a couple sets on an Ibanez and they were good but in standard they were, well, "tite." The A string especially seemed about to break on pitch. I think they're mainly good for very heavy stuff, or drop tunings when you don't want floppy strings. For standard though...yeah don't do that unless you want alot of tension, they're quite taught.
  4. Good Lord that looks slick, I can't wait to hear sound clips.
  5. Black pearl is my favorite, black white black looks good too. That thing is pretty sick looking, any idea what those little toggle switches do? Keep us posted.
  6. HNB to the rescue haha, wouldn't the 500k make them a little too trebley? They are single coil sized after all. I could always try both but I heard using 500k makes them less "touch sensitive" whatever that means.
  7. For those of you with Lace Sensors, what pot values do you like? I am going to put a Red/Blue set in a Mustang and what to know if you prefer a 250k pot or a 500k pot.
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