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  1. Oopps I forgot to mention I already had the super distortion. I just wanted something hot p90 sounding for the neck, and this seemed like the cheapest. Anyone know of anything cheaper? I looked on gf and I didn't find much
  2. So I'm getting this Mustang copy and the only thing that I don't like about it is the pickups. They're thin, quiet, and very noisy. For the bridge pickup I was looking at trying a DiMarzio Super Distortion. Would it be worth it to get the full sized humbucker version and rout the body, or is the single coil sized Super Distortion S close enough to the full size that it would just be simpler to install? For the neck I was looking at something with a little unusual, this : http://www.amazon.com/DiMarzio-DP111-SDS-1-Guitar-Pickup/dp/B0002E36P0/ref=sr_1_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1385243898&sr=1-1&keywords=dimarzio+sds-1 Would this be an alright neck pickup? i was planning on 500k or 1meg pots to go with these as well. Any help with this is greatly appreciated
  3. I'm trying to put a pickup from a teisco guitar into the bridge position on a strat copy. The pickup has three wires coming out of it, black red and white. I was wondering which wires would go where in the strat.
  4. I recently got to play one of these guitars, and I really loved the sound of the pickups. I have an extra strat laying around and I was wondering what kind of pickups I could buy to get a similar sound to the Epiphone?
  5. Thanks for your reply! You know a lot. The guitar I'm using is a squier vintage modified HSS strat. The humbucker is a Duncan designed HB-102, which I guess is just a JB but made overseas. Sadly, the only amp I have right now is a small 20 watt bc rich which only has one knob for tone. I was looking at getting a mustang III amp for the twin reverb setting. I thought it sounded fairly close.
  6. I know that I should have my own tone, and not be trying to copy others' sounds. I really like the clean guitar tone on the intro to "Rape Me" by Nirvana. Does anyone know how I would get a similar sound?
  7. I have a short parlor size guitar and I was wondering what size strings would be best. It had electric guitar stings from the factory which seemed odd, so I was wondering if the heavier acoustic strings might damage it in some way.
  8. Check out the univox hi flyer or aria dm 380. They
  9. Just got it. It sounds and looks amazing!
  10. Yeah, the new one has slipped already too! Should have it tomorrow or Monday.
  11. So I went to guitar center, the didn't have to guitar I wanted so they special ordered it and had it shipped to my house. 3 days later a box arrived, and I opened it to find the wrong guitar. This whole thing had been one headache after another.
  12. This seller wouldn't contact me at all. I should have just skipped it, but I got some vision in my head about what I would do to the guitar, how cool it would look.
  13. Recently on amazon, I saw someone selling a used squier fat strat for $70. I thought I would get it and change all the white hardware to black. After a week, I had received all the parts, but the guitar still had not shipped. I sent the seller two messages over the next three weeks, but no replys and no guitar It's been a month now and I cancelled the order and am going to guitar center to get a vintage modified hss strat or a jagmaster. Lesson : don't trust amazon used sellers.
  14. I think I'm going with the big muff now, and the ds-2 later when I have more money. Right now I'm getting a small clone, a squier fat strat, and a lot of extras with this and I've reached my limit of $270.
  15. First off, I already own a ds-1 and it sounds ok to me. I'm looking to buy a new pedal, along with a few other things. My question is should I get the ds-2 or the big muff? I have never played either and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they're like. Does the ds-2 sound the same as the ds-1? I don't want to buy the same pedal for $60 more.
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