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  1. Sorry, a few here. Not all mustangs. Please forgive me:)
  2. Picture of the whole family together, apart from the tele, which is being sprayed at the moment:)
  3. Sorry, not played it. Would like to have a go though:)
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hodson-GT-500-Mustang-AWESOME-electric-guitar-Jaguar-Jazzmaster-/141012543212?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item20d500a6ec Not sure if this has been covered yet? Interesting one though:)
  5. No, It' a short scale jaguar neck. Same as the mustang. Same headstock though:)
  6. And for my next project.................... Just have to wire it up. Its a nightmare:(
  7. Well, here she is. Not the best photo, but you get the idea. Couldn't source the correct logo, but was happy with the one that ended up on there.......................
  8. Just worked out what the problem with the switches are!!!!!!!!!! The ebay seller listed them as compatible with the Jaguar/Mustang, but I've just realised that the mustang switches have 3 positions. These are either on or off and are obviously just for the Jag!!!!!!!!!!!! Doh!
  9. Got an exciting delivery this morning of some nice little parts! Spent this morning fitting everything and it's starting to look like a guitar now! Everything went together nicely, however the squier pots are too large for the plate. The other problem I encountered was that the selector switches don't line up with the scratchplate screw holes. Its weird because they genuine fender items. Perhaps they are meant for the US mustang? I also ended up just fitting two genuine fender mustang single-coils. They were brand new and were only £12 each, so I couldn't say no. I may end up fitting the hot-rails though. Jobs still left to do then....................... Get new pots or modify the plate Sort the selector switches problem Wire the guitar up Fit nut Fit string tree Send the neck away for custom Fender logo Maybe purchase a hot-rails
  10. Yeh, I almost bought a matching headstock one a few years back. A UK seller on ebay had one imported, fitted two EMG pickups and decided it wasn't for him. It only ended up selling for £390. I really regretted not bidding later on.
  11. Thanks Daniel, so far around £300. All I have to pay for now is the headstock logo.
  12. Yes, but as Daniel has said, the japanese have 2 versions of LPB. Dark LPB (Think its called OLB) and normal LPB. Their standard version of LPB is very light, which was what the used on the matching headstock versions. Their reissues with lacquered headstocks were all Dark LPB.
  13. Will do. It's a genuine Fender Jap reissue, finished in Dark LPB. Yep, ebay purchase! I almost bought a complete one a few years back with matching headstock, then I discovered that those ones were normal LPB. Far too light to match Kurt's. I realise Dark LPB is wrong too, but its a very close match to Competition Burgundy.
  14. Nice! I always think you appreciate a guitar more when you build it yourself too.
  15. I know what you mean! Luckily, I used to be a graphic designer, so making the decal wouldn't be a problem, but printing with white ink would be. Very few places do, the yellow pages being one of them! I found this place down south. Think I'll be sending the neck there........................http://www.simscustom.com/html/00sprayshop_decal.htm The neck I imported from the US, and is a Jaguar allparts item. My friend owns a mobile car spraying business and was able to match the colour perfectly. Oh, I also own a cool jazzmaster copy. Hope you guys like it.........................
  16. Thanks again. Just remembered I have 3 500K pots from an old squier project. I'll give them a go. This is a great little site. I actually used to own a Jag-stang, but had to sell it to fund a trip. I'll be sure to update this post with my progress. Think I'm going to have to have a custom decal made up, as I can't find the white fender lettering anywhere:(
  17. Thanks guys. I had no idea they made the guitar sound brighter. Does it matter which brand I go for, or are they all much the same? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, Just joined the forum. My name is Grant and I live in Dundee, Scotland. I've always been a huge Nirvana fan, since they exploded in the early 90's. Kurt's basically the reason I'm a huge Fender nut! Anyway, I'm currently working on a Mustang build and was looking for a little advice please. I've never pieced together a guitar before (wiring wise). I have all of the parts on order, including both pickups, pickguard, trem and machine heads, but I still have to purchase a jack and my volume and tone pots. My question is.............which pots should I buy? I hear alot about people upgrading to 500K's, but I have no idea what they do or if they are suitable for this guitar? Here's my work so far............................................. Recently I also finished this. Luckily the pickguard was already loaded and the only wiring I had to do was solder the jack.
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