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  1. I have bought a danelectro 56 two month ago for less than 200 euros on thomann. It's just awesome how it sounds, and how it feels. IT's super light. the lipsticks sound really like I expected, I mean "clean, deep in bass, powerfull". You can listen at the three last "EELS" records, it is danelectro on almost all songs, and you can hear both clean sound and dirty sound. the old cat power records as well.
  2. OK, i did it. so here is the pictures of my fender mustang competition from 71.
  3. http://fr.audiofanzine.com/autre-guitare-electrique-solid-b/fender/mustang-1972/petites-annonces/i.448890.html on this link there is two picture of it, headstock are the only piece of the guitar which are not originals. the guy before had maybe changed them for any reasons. they are like stratocaster now.
  4. hello . i have a fender mustang competition blue from 71 (as the serial number say on the fender website) it's the same color as the one in the smell liek teen spirit video clip; that's why i wanted this one. but now i don't use it much , because i changed my way of playing, and the mustang doesn't sound how i expect. so i'm thinking about selling it. the other solution is to change the pickups for something different, but it might be silly to change them and doesn't keep the guitar as it was i'm in france (i'm french). if you can be interested i will post some pictures of it. cheers
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