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  1. Andy Warhol is the only good pop artist ever.
  2. Magnets weaken over time. 32 years will decrease a pickup's output significantly.
  3. It might damage over time if you don't have a professional set it up for you.
  4. Then just ask him to properly set up and intonate it for the 12s.
  5. It shouldn't destroy the neck, but for a gauge that big, you'll need to adjust the truss rod.
  6. And a match. LOL I'll probably take out the Seymour Duncans first... No, they've been tainted by the Jag-stang. They must go with it.
  7. You guys know/care way too much about Kelly Clarkson.
  8. Mezz also has a 78 stang. We should start a club.
  9. Nice Stang! I have a 1978 with a maple fretboard as well.
  10. I'm rethinking my distaste for the Jag Bass after seeing this.
  11. Go to Musician's Friend through the Support Jag-stang.com link on the main page, and get one there.
  12. That explains so much about Bjork. The only cool thing she ever did was marrying Space Ghost.
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