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  1. I can't believe how much the Deluxe Memory Man costs now. I remember when I first started playing guitar about 8 years ago, TS808s were $80, and I had the Deluxe Memory Man used off ebay for like $120. Prices on pedals keep going up and up! Check out Joyo Pedals, they have a digital delay that's only like $40, and a chorus pedal for like $40. The two together could get you sort of in the ballpark! T-Rex Reptile is modulated delay, about $100 cheaper than the Memory Man at $240 EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Modulated Delay $140 EHX Memory Toy, mini Deluxe Memory Man Subdecay Echo Box VFE Blueprint Lovepedal Echo Baby
  2. But superfuzz is right, the Memory Man is the Edge's delay of choice! There just might be some more versatile options out there worth looking for!
  3. Any analog delay will get you in the ball park. There are some digital delays now that sound very analog, but have the added benefit of tap tempo and longer delay times. check out the delay section of Proguitarshop. Also, modulation in the delay is important too, so search for modulated delays. Or delays like the analogman ardx20 that have an effects loop on the delay, so you could add a modulation pedal seperately, which is awesome, as you can also put phasers, wahs, distortions and other effects in the loop!
  4. Do you want an American amp sound (Blackface Fender) or British amp sound? For American amp, I think the best choice on a budget is the Luker Tiger, plus it's all handwired! http://lukerllc.com/
  5. Boost n' buff is great pedal man, enjoy it! No experience with the Seymour Duncan or MXR, sorry, but you'll probably be very satisfied with the Boost n' Buff.
  6. OH hey, I forgot they sold the tone monk buffer seperately, so if you just wanted the Buffer with no Clean boost this is it! http://www.tonemonk.com/vp.php Probably exactly what you're looking for!
  7. Chris Klein makes great pickups! Van Zandt right here in Dallas, TX are also a great company!
  8. A clean boost like the Keeley Katana, leave it on all the time at the beginning of your chain is one option. Or you can get one that is a boost and buffer that will buffer your signal even when the boost is not on, for this there are two pedals I prefer, one is much more pricey than the other, but worth the investment IMO. http://proguitarshop.com/mi-audio-boost-n-buff-pedal.html MI Audio Boost n' Buff, I used this pedal for about 3 years until I recently purchased this one http://proguitarshop.com/tone-monk-ankh-preamp-vp.html It warms up my clean tone so much, I always leave it on, but it also has the best buffer I have ever heard in it, even when the pedal is off my whole tone sounds better for having this pedal in the chain. Also, another cheap option would be just to buy any pedal you've wanted with a buffered by pass as opposed to a true bypass. The buffer in the signal will help restore some of what you're losing from long cable runs. A TS808 for example has a built in buffer that doesn't sound too bad.
  9. the pedal I use most often is my keeley katana, it's always on. But it's not may fav. I use my zendrive ii and retroman dumbox a lot too, but really I'm feeling the clean tone thing so the Katana and Twin are the essentials for my sound these days.
  10. @ Earth I agree Sovteks are a nice tube, but how many other tubes have you tried in V1? I use Raytheon 12dt7s after my Sovteks pooped out in my Twin--which took them 6 years of heavy gigging to do, very reliable tubes--now I find there's not much difference in the tone clean, but with overdrive pedals I can definitely hear a difference in harmonic content.
  11. charlie parker is ridiculous, if you can read music check out the charlie parker omnibook. your head will explode!

  12. Hmmm depends on how much money you wanna spend. Since you're only changing V1 you may as well throw down a little more cash and get something nice that will really make a difference. If you've got about $50 you can get a Raytheon black plate 12ax7, better than RCAs IMO. Also there's the Preferred Series 7025 (super durable) from the tube store, an exact replica of the most sought after NOS Mullards from the 1960s. There are literally thousands of great options, I say go NOS for sure, otherwise you can just get your basic EHX or Sovteks, but if you're only changing V1 I say go all out! Edit Sorry didn't read your first post carefully, I see you've got options. The EHX will have the least microphonics, the Sovtek will probably last the longest, and the Mullard will most likely sound the best. But all tubes are unique, even the exact same make and model, so your mileage may vary.
  13. I bought this about two years ago and only used it at one gig and our singer accidentally stepped on it when he was freaking out on stage and broke it. So it has been in its box ever since because I was too lazy to take it apart and see what happened. Anyways last week I took it apart and replaced the foot switch and voila, works like new. I had only used it at one gig so I didn't really remember what it sounded like. I plugged it in with my strat and twin reverb and got the best clean tone I've ever had. It adds this awesome sparkle and compresses your attack just slightly giving a really smooth rich tone. Chords sound better, single lines, everything. I placed it on my board before my drive pedals and noticed that it made all my effects sound a lot better. It added note definition and clarity to my blues pro and barber ltd. Then I tried it in the chain after the drive pedals and got the closest tone I've ever gotten to Larry Carlton. Amazing note bloom and sustain just on the verge of feedback. To my ears it sounded a lot closer to the Dumble thing then my Retroman Dumbox does. So anyways, yeah I'm bragging about how awesome my tone is now I guess, but honestly, anyone in the market for a clean boost check this bad boy out. I don't think it would work well with a solid state amp, but it really adds a richness to a good clean tube amp. Could also be used to push a lower watt tube amp into natural overdrive.
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