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  1. westtexasred always has the coolest gear, i envy him at times.
  2. yea, the bridge covers for mustangs, jaguars, jazzmasters, strats teles etc are garbage for palm muting. they look nice, but there is a reason they got the "ashtray" association, better ashtray than bridge cover i suppose.
  3. cool cool, seems you now know the origin of color. i have seen people that were able to take off the re-fin(if its just on top) to reveal the original finish. its a bit of trick and i wouldn't try it unless the top coat was really horrid and you hated it, but as you said it seems good right? so rock on!
  4. have you taken the guard off? if you do i would be willing to bet that some of the original paint is on the back, perhaps there could be some in the routes and neck pocket as well. i would be willing to be its an old re-finish, mainly becuz when black was introduced they switched from nitro to poly
  5. righto, glad it worked out for you. its a cheap trick, but to solve pretty much all of my grounding woes with my jag-stang(same setup as the mustang) i just took the snip from a high e string and shoved it under the bridge plate to the control plate grounding both. its a cheaters way, but its relatively hidden since the plates almost touch anyway, and the guard is right there to sneak the string under.
  6. actually i went looking and couldn't find it... i know they made one, but perhaps they discontinued it.
  7. altho this a bass, its still pretty rad. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SX-Ursa-4-Rn-3TS-Left-Handed-Bass-Guitar-New-/390685209084?pt=Guitar&hash=item5af6a731fc
  8. al(ex) is never on anymore so the spam spreads far and wide
  9. the bridge is ajusted by two screws at either end. ajust the neck, just do it and stop second guessing me. if your fretting out before the first 5 frets the neck is over ajusted, just relax it a bit.
  10. i think agile makes a left jazzy lookalike.
  11. sounds like the neck is over ajusted. relax the trus rod a qtr turn or so.
  12. i used to use it after, but that was cuz my dirt pedal liked to be up front. its all personal taste, tho i did read something recently that broke it down to "as it is supposed to be" but then said "many great artists did not follow this.
  13. just get yourself a step bit. they look like cones with layers, usually about 7 bucks at a hardware store, you can get really nice ones for 20-30, but the 7 dollar jobby will do just fine, and use a drill press if you can
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