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  1. I was pretty disappointed with the sounds you can get out of the jag bass. I thought all the switches and rollers would do a lot more than they actually do.
  2. Dude... that is clearly a mustang bass.
  3. S7 means 1977 does it not? Where are you guys getting '78 from?
  4. I do think that the CIJ's are good compared to the MIA standard series, and they are at least on par with them I'd say... but I would not say that they're better.
  5. That is actually the truth. Just like how you can only play country on a tele, and you can only play surf on a jaguar.
  6. I don't know dude... yours sounds like it's pretty hacked up. I don't think it would go for that much.
  7. You want this: to look like this: ??? I'm pretty sure the pickguard would fit, but you'd have to fill the wholes from the original bridge, and then drill new holes for the vintage bridge, route for the straight bridge pickup instead of the slanted one (unless it's swimming pool routed), and then it should fit fine. As for the tuners I don't know if they are routed to fit klusons, but if they aren't you could always get conversion bushings. Overall, I don't understand why you would want to do all that work for such a little bit of an aesthetic difference.
  8. That sucks dude! sorry to hear about it! I can't believe it broke while it was in the case, that's just ridiculous. How old is it? Is it still under warranty, maybe you could get the folks at Gibson to fix it.
  9. Hahaha... you put it to much better use! I thought Landon was a pain on the short scale board, but I guess he's like that everywhere!
  10. Seafoam is darker than surf, and daphne is darker than sonic. I see my half-fretted Bronco neck there! Can't wait to see it finished!
  11. that's absoloutely the best jag-stang ive ever seen! It's the best one I've ever played too!
  12. Now that I look at your jag-stang again, it's not in order. It's missing the doo-dad that goes on the whosiewatsit near thethingamabob. You got ripped off man.
  13. agreed. $330 is too much for that guitar, try to talk him down.
  14. 9s are too loose and bendy for a short scale guitar. They feel nice and are easy to play but they just bend too easy and they make the guitar feel like a toy IMO.
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