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  1. My Jag-Stang has cracks identical to this.I believe your heating and cooling theory is correct. From the humidity, Sometimes my stang's cracks are terrible, Sometimes unnoticable.
  2. Cool Ideas man, will be glad to see what you make of it.
  3. I personally think the stock bridges are ok. Even after locking the tremelo the bridge hasnt gave me any problems, It has started working BETTER if anything.
  4. I was refering more so to the Shape, like the treble horn isnt a 100% match, but the odd shape makes it even more unique.
  5. Yes and even those componets dont 100% match the mustang. Haha.
  6. That doesnt matter? Mustangs were never made in USA, Were they?
  7. Mastery bridges are great for Jag-Stangs, but they are also pretty exspensive. Check it out if you want!
  8. I think people should now understand why the Jag-Stang Is shaped so oddly. Becasue the Jaguar is so much bigger than the Mustang.
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