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  1. Could you be a bit more specific? Exactly what was wrong with the necks? Might it have been the finish? The shape? And was it the same issue(s) on all 3 mustangs? Surely the quality is up to the standard Fender mark.
  2. You're looking at a minimum of 60 quid. And that's at Andy's which is comparatively cheaper than the surrounding shops. Their tech is fairly competent, though.
  3. You can usually find them floating around on ebay. Failing that, there are a number of shops based in Japan that sell them online, but you won't be able to buy anything unless you either use a middleman or speak Japanese.
  4. Hi all, in Texas at the mo. I visited the wonderful Southpaw Guitars yesterday, and something caught my attention: a lefty 70's tele deluxe, this time with the full decal. What concerns me is that the serial number (on the headstock just underneath the Fender logo) has been erased. They want around $2300 but I'm sure I can knock it down quite a bit more. Anyone's input would be most appreciated. BTW, they also have a lefty custom shop bass VI over there.
  5. A custom will cost you a fortune. Vintage models are very hard to find, and are very costly too. If you're happy getting a Japanese reissue, there are a number of outlets you can try: http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/w ... N&wb_dis=2 I don't know how good your Japanese is, but the following site won't answer if you email in English. Ishsibashi can however act as a third party, for a fee: http://www.taniguchi-gakki.com Go to the above site, Click on the tab 'Fenda Japan'. Then go to the 5th tab on your left (Fenda Japan Ereki Guita II). There will be a large selection of lefty jags, jazzies mustangs and teles.
  6. Try: http://www.allparts.com/categories.php? ... e=SWITCHES Nice and cheap. Why the hell were you attacking your jaguar with a drumstick? It's a guitar, not a Fisher-Price playset!
  7. I agree. Black pickguard, black pups and F-tuners. Maple fingerboard and it could be a 70's Jag-stang!
  8. Not with comp stripes. I know about the matching headstocks, but I've yet to find a lefty that came from the factory with stripes. I check quite regularly
  9. As far as I know, Fender Japan do not make standard run lefty stangs with competition stripes.
  10. A few years ago I was going to buy a lefty schecter 12 string; it was a bit like a Rickenbacker/Surfcaster, but it certainly wasn't this model. I believe it's been discontinued for some time now, but it had a humbucker and a single coil, and a cut in the body like a Ricky. I knew this model is more recent.
  11. There's already somebody on the board who has a few 'serviceman' jags. It took some digging, but I found an older thread: http://jag-stang.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11291
  12. Nice . Now all it needs is a black matching headstock.
  13. Sunburst It's a hardtail too.
  14. Originals had poplar bodies. Clay dots, and different pots inside. The decal is also slightly different; no streaks on the 'mustang' section. Here's an original 65 for comparison:Dakota red
  15. I prefer the one with the pickguard. As for acoustics with Fender headstocks; gotta love em, especially the old King series.
  16. Fair do. It probably went for a small fortune.
  17. How was that a risk? I think the auction ended quite early, so he was probably given a high offer for that jag.
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