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  1. Looks really good. Well done. How much experience did you have before this in painting guitars? Did you use any special equipment or just a bunch of sand paper? I’d love to go black with black pick guard. I don’t think I’ve seen a jag-stand in black before.
  2. I must have been sat here for a full minute thinking "why does his guitar say Bronco when it isn't a Bronco?" #### Derrr lol
  3. i really like those. i have a hard tail and wouldn't go back. proper surfer looking guitar
  4. yeah.. all stock i'll try and get soe more pics asap
  5. Thats mint. I have a black standard, if you dont mind me asking what did you pay for the Deluxe Billy? Nice unusual Jazzy as well. ermm... i don't remember.. i think it was like
  6. westbury deluxe. 1982 black. 1996 . SD in bridge 1973 hardtail. my baby 1977 jazzmaster. my sisters but i steal it sometimes.
  7. because the jagstang sucks.. anyone wanna buy mine? it's sat in my room gathering dust stratocaster everytime. i have a 1973 hardtail and the neck is HUGE! love it
  8. 1978 has character.. 1996 is gay.. plus mij jags sound like little girls screaming at a spider... nasty. plus lace sensors rock and so do big headstocks and black guitars and how cheesey is a matching headstock?
  9. #### yes.. you are fool if you don't
  10. speaking as a very lazy mo fo.. i'd like that feature on my guitar. mostly it wouldb e cool to do all those crazy sonic youth tunings.
  11. i have a double muff.. isn't any fuzzier than a normal muff... just with a wider range of fuzz... more subtle when you change the knob.. knob, muff
  12. my 1973 all stock fender stratocaster... hardtail like a mo fo and a sweetly fat neck i love it. it is sooooo sexy.
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