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  1. haha I'm on the Menthols too these days when I smoke, which I'm trying to keep rare. Can't be stupid all our lives eh? 7! That's insane, I bet she's a proper person now. Mental. I feel old. Are you still indulging in guitar stuff? We missed you man, sadly some of us never got lives and we're still here!
  2. Sorry about the dropped email, I don't know what happened there, maybe Spam Folder? I've sent you a PM anyways. Hoping Joey logs in again soon, he's a real blast from the past; EMGs, Cloves, D'addario Chromes...
  3. Even I'll post here to say Hi to my old pal, Joey.
  4. Why on earth are you talking about Hum for? It's not a noise gate. It's a LOOPER.
  5. In case you didn't already know, all you have to do to halve the output is remove the OUTER or INNER pair of powertubes. But bear in mind it won't result in half the volume- it'll only make a few dB difference. It does mean, however, you'll be able to drive the tubes easier (less tubes taking the "strain" as it were) for some nice poweramp distortion at gig levels. This WILL require a rebias though. Alternatively, you could get some Yellow Jackets which are effectively an adaptor to allow you to run lower wattage tubes like EL84s in your amp. Again, this needs a rebias for optimum tone, tube
  6. you've been reading too much internet. the huge majority of Boss pedals sound great bypassed and you wouldn't notice the difference. a Couple of OLD SKOOL ones don't sound great (and the SD-1 to this date).
  7. hahaha transparent? The Tube Screamer? You're insane. It has the most pronounced midrange hump of any overdrive.
  8. Our Loop Sampler includes 14 seconds of memory + 800ms of Pre-delay (sort of a delay within a delay), and features half speed and/or reverse overdubbing, and more... Guess where I got that? OH MY GOD ON THE LINE6 WEBSITE.
  9. well done - you ignored everything I said. Good luck (not that you'll actually spend any money or do anything).
  10. Noone's crying, you ask too many questions and ignore the advice you're given when people do reply. You'll grow out it I'm sure. nothing anyone can say will inform you about which of the Muffs you'd prefer - there's a thousand things to consider - taste/amp/guitar/pickups/genre and you have provided.. NONE. Creamy sustain? Neither of them - that's EH psycho babble. You can get adaptors which take in a Boss adaptor and spit out an EH jack to go into your EH power supply on ebay.
  11. 1) no that will only work for boss style DC pedals (no EH), digitech and echohead OK. you'll have to buy adaptors for the others. 2) frigging try them out yourself.
  12. I tried one in London and if you want to make that mid-heavy chimey crunchy sound then it's for you. They are f**king loud though, stupidly so. I agree with Paul that they're totally overpriced for what they are. I'd expect two proper channels for that much. And the tremelo is not amazing - it doesn't go fast enough and to be honest, doesn't sound much better than my Tunamelt. A Twin tremelo sounds a whole heap better but I hate those stupidly loud overpriced buggers.
  13. You won't fry anything, the absolute worst that could happen is that it wouldn't switch the channels properly.
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