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  1. The date stamp on the neck isn't when the guitar was made or build, just when the neck was. The body could of been made in 64 with the plate as well and just assembled in 65. The neck says september, and he says the pots date to week 30 which would of been mid july to the beginning of august so its very possible they just threw the plate on that guitar.

    All apologies for not understanding, but do you mean the seller throwing the plate on, or Fender throwing it on?

  2. A '65 Mustang came up for sale in my area on craigslist, and I'm considering trading my SG Standard for it. The guy wants $280 in cash plus the SG, seems a bit overpriced to me. I told him I wasn't interested in it with that price, and he Emailed me back asking to make an offer. Any idea what to offer? Is that a terrible trade?

    Heres the Mustang in question;


    Any red flags?

    Is that normal for it to have a september of '65 neck, with an L-series '64 neck plate? An old thread on here explained neck plates were just piled together and used randomly on Mustangs, not sure if that was true.

    Not technically a pre-CBS is it?


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