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  1. Thanks! The Tele pickup was a bitch to install because of the unique way they mount, so I covered that mess with some white electrical tape, ha. I refinished the P-Bass with some clearance "Kiwi"-colored spraypaint, I like it with the mint guard. THe knobs on the basses are from Radioshack, I feel they are a nice compromise to matching the black thumbrests and sporting teh chromez.
  2. 2004 Jagmaster with Cyclone (American Jaguar) pickups and painted black pickguard. 1997 Super-Sonic with Telecaster and Jagmaster pickups. 90's reissue Danelectro Dad's 60's (?) Guyatone/Lafayette Polaris Dad's 70's no-name Japanese Explorer copy Sister's no-name Japanese SG copy Squier/Hamer/Cort mishmash Mexican Fender J-Bass Hondo II P-Bass
  3. Robroe may very well end up with the koolest looking Bronco ever.
  4. For the same price or less you can get this: $129 http://www.rondomusic.net/sjm62.html
  5. Thanks ekwatts, this thread actually was a good question, most tabs are just chords and leave out lead and detailed parts. This site seems great.
  6. - Super-Sonic with a Telecaster bridge pickup, seeing as how it came with a non-stock bridge humbucker anyway. - Jagmaster with Cyclone II pickups. They are surrounded by little plastic pieces I cut and painted to match the pickguard ha. It's hard to tell even in person. - No-name Japanese Explorer copy from my dad, neck replaced by his busted Lafayette Jag copy. The original was made from balsa or something, so light and trashy. Unholy microphonic pickups replaced, Jagmaster neck pup splits. His adornment of Aguirre, the Wrath of God sticker remains. - Squier/Hamer/Cort mishmash
  7. I wish the dip between the top arm and butt wasn't so deep that it touches the pickguard on Jag-stangs. I like the guitar though, the Jag bridge will look great. Go for rosewood blocks and matching headstock. Mmmmm...
  8. Left to right Antares acoustic Hondo Precision Bass with mystery Seymour Duncan pickup. Hives sticker. No-name Japanese SG Copy - Looks and sounds ver nice, but could play better. The neck pickup is the thickest thing I've ever heard. My sister's. Cost $100 from kid whose uncle was throwing it out. Old Acoustic Jagmaster II - cost $212 music123.com Explorer Copy - No name Korean copy with neck from Lafayette Jag-esque copy. Bridge pickup wired directly to output, no controls. I want to set up the neck pick up with its own separate output, I might switch it since it has extreme microphon
  9. I think that it can definitetly expand, but it shouldn't be a hang-up. You can write great songs without that knowledge, and not knowing it shouldn't make you timid about writing. I know kids that only care about theory and stuff and writing the most boring unlistenable garbage ever. I hate fret wanking and trying to let the song rely on the solos and chords you're using. I think it would actually be best to just dive right in and then pick stuff up as you go with an open mind.
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