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  1. I love the red guard with the blue guitar, such a cool look. Is that the Kurt Cobain Mustang?
  2. I'll have to pick one of those bad boys up. By the way, I appreciate your good taste in music.
  3. I've never seen a more beautiful mustang. Tosh, where in the world did you find that?
  4. Oh alright. Thats one beautiful Jag man.
  5. ill be buying more guitars soon so ill definately take that into consideration.
  6. Just got it taken care of. Theyre definately stubborn little bastards, i had to hammer the end of the screwdriver to get them out lol. Couple knicks and chips in the finish, but nothing big and i got the Grovers installed just now.
  7. that was my last resort, but ill give it a go. thank you for your input
  8. Okay, so my girlfriend and I exchanged gifts early today, and she got me a set of Grover tuners but she got the wrong kind, but theyre not bad at all. theyre 205BC6 Rotomatic, the only issue i have with getting them in is that the washer things from the stock tuners dont exactly want to come out. Has anyone taken their stock tuners off completely and knows a way to take them off without doing damage? This is probably something that most of you know an easy and obvious way to do, but I havent done a lot of mods until I got this mustang, and I wanna make sure I do it right. I tried getting the w
  9. So relieving when I saw that theres other people who are taking the same route that im trying to take. Its proven to be very annoying and time consuming, but i refuse to quit, Are there any tips that you could pass on to a fellow self teacher, because I know im quite far behind in terms of where id like to be and what id like to know. But you said you never bother with scales, I learned one the other day it was the Blues scale in the key of D. I havent had that much fun playing my guitar since I first learned what a power chord was. It gave me a whole new outlook on where to go when I attempt
  10. honestly man id just take it to a shop, Guitar Center works on that kind of #### and most local music stores do as well at least the ones i go to do.
  11. eh his is a first act, me working on it has been a bit of a learning experience. i mean i know my way around a guitar pretty well now, but the more i work on them the more i learn which is actually fun for me. but at this point, im thinking about keeping it for firewood next summer, and picking up a starcaster at my local shop for him lol.
  12. oh in that case ill just snatch up the snark, didnt expect that little thing to be that handy haha. thanks redman.
  13. no i mean LED tuners, like the snark and korg tuners lol, are there any inexpensive ones that can be used to intonate
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