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  1. sweet. I think id rather leave it angled just because i like the look of it. ill let you guys know when its done. post pics too. thanks for the help. - TR
  2. Hey guys, I recently purchased a Kurt Cobain mustang in LPB. I decided to go with this one because it already had the TOM and and the body had already been routed for a humbucker in the bridge. But now Im thinking of putting a humbucker in the neck too. I'm thinking of going with a TV Jones classic in the neck and keeping the Duncan JB in the bridge (for now anyways) My question is other than routing the body and replacing the pick guard, is there anything else I will need to do? Anybody on here ever put a filtertron in a mustang? Also can I leave the neck humbucker at an angle or do I need to have it straight? Any help would be great guys. Thanks - TR
  3. Bump. Any luck guys? I feel like ive tried everything.
  4. i found that under the pros and cons of tuneomatic bridges here: http://www.jag-stang.com/guitars/the-tune-o-matic-bridge/
  5. see thats what i thought too but then i read this "The Tune-o-matics require a straight humbucker route in order to acheive 100% accurate string and pickup polepeice alignment. This means replacing the stock pickguard, routing the body slightly and only using SH (standard spaced humbuckers/Gibson spaced humbucker"
  6. alright guys heres the deal. im wanting to replace the bridge on my jagstang. I originally was thinking of putting a T.O.M. bridge in but i am concerned because ive read that you need to have the humbucker straight rather than angled. this would require me to reroute the body and get a custom pick guard made. my question is do i have to straighten the hum bucker? is it that big of a deal? or is there another bridge i should try? I have sen some people put mastery bridges in but those are really expensive. any help would be appreciated. thanks guys - TR
  7. Hey guys new to the forum. Ive had my jagstang about 8 years now. Decided recently I want to replace the pickguar and found that warmoth could make them. My concern is will these fit on fender jagstangs? or only warmoth jagstangs? maybe a stu[id question and sorry if this has already been brought up, i searched but couldnt seem to find anything. Any one who know or has opurchased a pickguard from warmoth that could let me know I would really appriciate it! Thanks- TR
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