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  1. Thanks. It isnt that i wanted t change the sound of my Poly cuz I luv it. I just wanted some more information. Purely an academic endeavor. Anyway, thank you. As a side note there is a trim pot inside my CE-2 that is very user friendly. That's what peaked my interests.... ...... Anywho, if anyone can add to the Electric Mistress vs. Poly Chorus Flange Mode please don't hesitate! Personal 0pinions Very Welcome.
  2. I was like that wit my Jazzmaster. It was my first electric & the honeymoon was the longest/ most intense Ive ever had. Puppy Love, I fell harder for the Jazzmaster than I do for most girls!
  3. Without a doubt I have to vote for the Mustang (w/Duo Sonic II, Musicmaster II, Bronco, ect.). To me it is the best feeling and best playing guitar I have come across yet. The Telecaster gets a close 2nd because I'm really starting to fall for them. I parts Tele (Fender Strat neck/Squier Tele Deluxe body) that I through a JB in that has become as much of a "work-horse" as my Mustangs/Jag-Stang. I picked up a used '72 Tele Deluxe RI before Fender upped the prices for $500 that Im thinking of putting a Goodwood pickup in the bridge.... & Im jonesing for a Thinline. Will the GAS ever stop?
  4. Can anyone explain any differences in the sound of them in Flanger mode? I have a Poly and I love slapback effect you get from the Double Track setting (if it was just that effect it would still be worth the pedalboard real estate). I think the flanger is pretty hot too but I have not experienced the Electric Mistress. Should I assume that the Mistress being a dedicated Flanger produces the superior effect? Further question for Poly Chorus users: Have you messed around with the internal trim pots?
  5. Wonder if he'd build a "thinline Mustang". I always have loved semi-hollows & chambered, but i've never seen a semi-hollow 'Stang. He seems to be offbeat enough to try something with absolutely no mainstream appeal.
  6. I think it's about Gawdamn time they reissue the DU0 S0NIC II! Seriously. Its a Hardtail Mustang. The only thing Id do to the Duo Sonic II is make it be string-thru by putting tele ferrals(sp?) on the back. The Duo Sonic bridge already has holes that would allow strings to pass thru. I have a Musicmaster II w/ a bridge pickup which is basically a Duo Sonic. Add some Tele compensated saddles & yr ready to rock.
  7. All of my amps are 6l6 so I dont have first hand experience with el34s. That being said I've heard good things about TAD el34s.... their 6l6 is almost as good as SED c-wings. For preamp tubes I like Tungsram N0S for distortion & JAN 5751s for cleans. Both are switchable with 12ax7s
  8. when my strap button holes strip out I stuff'em with toothpicks You my friend are way beyonde tooth pics!
  9. Its too late, Im already a hardcore pedal addict...I, using up to 10 pedals a day. I mean you start with footswitches then build yr way up to the heavy stuff (Pedals: Dope:: Footswitches: Ganja) {I havent seen an analogy since my SATs} Anywho I have some "dirt" pedals for flavorings, but my blues-rock distortion is the lead channel on a Boogie IIC+. That being said I love delays'n'modulation.
  10. totally agree. just didnt understand what you ment. Jazzy trems are kinda hard to setup if yr use to a Strat. When I bought my first electric (12 years ago, god time flys) a got a used Jazzmaster. I didnt even know it had a trem lock a couple years till I pulled it apart to start customizing it
  11. Child? WTF Im vertically handicapped that's my son Caleb, he's a budding guitarist. He cries if I practice & wont let him in...so now he messes up my pedals while Im playing. Santa got him some earplugs but he hates them (#### so do I).
  12. I had to use washers cuz my low e-string was too thick to fit under otherwise. As to what was said about Strat players playing Jaguars; Does that mean that if you don't use a whammy-bar yr relegated to the Tele, LP & other "hardtails"? I try to make standard production guitars work by modifying them to meet my needs as a guitarist. I haven't found/built the perfect guitar for my personal playing style, but over the years I have come to enjoy the "chase".... Fender made some funky looking guitars in the late 50s to early 70s. I love the shape, feel, color. But that doesnt mean I like the sound. Its a good sound but it's not my sound. (PS that wasnt an attack, it was a rant. I enjoy the discussion)
  13. Here's a close up of the Jazzy...I just dont know what to do with it. I love the body, its kinda become Fender's 60's answer to the Les Paul. The issue is 1.) the Bright Red Pickguard (that's not too hard to fix) 2.) It sounds like a Les Paul (just not as nice): i.e. too trebley in the bridge pickup too dark in the neck Any Suggestions? The pickups are humbuckers under soapbar covers so if I replace pickups it would be with humbuckers. Ive also been thinking about putting another humbucker in the middle like a LP Custom.
  14. ...i hate to sound like a broken record but..... If yr not going to use the vibrato I really do think locking it down w/washers improves tuning stability & sustain. 0ther than pickups and tuners this is first mod I do to any guitar w/a Dynamic Vibrato.
  15. I suggest that when you put the bridge back on that you wrap tape (gaffers or electrical preferably) around the post until it just wont fit; then take wraps off till it just fits. This creates a better "connection" for increased sustain (not much..) but more importantly yr bridge wont rock back and forth. Definatly helps with tuning and intonation. Do you use the vibrato?
  16. Before they came out w/the Fender RI (which I ended up buying too) I bought a Squier and put a Rosewood Strat neck on it, along with some Schaller tuners. Then I dropped a JB in the bridge. To be honest I like the Squier more (but the RI is sexier ) the neck humbucker sounds alright, but the JB kills! There's a reason Seymour uses a JB in his Tele....
  17. I like the JBjr just fine, but if I had to do it over again I'd get the custom shop version with the Alnico 5 magnets. As far as the Jazzmaster (or Chazzmaster cuz my name is Chas.) is concerned I hate the red pickguard. I might put some lacquer to darken it. I'll post some more pics soon. It's my LesMaster, but i wanna put a middle soapbar in it to make it a LesMaster Custom (Nar o seriously). I also have Jaguar control plates but other than the 3-switch plate I dunno if they're getting put on (especially the lower V/T plate) Any Suggestions?
  18. front row left 2 right: Competition Mustang (J-Craft 0cean Turquise of course w/Hot Rails & Schaller Tuning Machines '65 Pre CBS Musicmaster II (some say Dakota Red) w/JB jr ; Compensated Brass Tele Saddles; Repro Klusons "Mutt-Stang" 70's Ash Body, '65 "A-Width" Neck w/JB & Tele Alnico II Pro ; Gotoh 510 Locking Tuners; custom electronics Back Row L2R: 50th Anniversary Jazzmaster; Warmoth 24 3/4 scale conversion Neck (Gagged n Bound) Real Fender Decal w/Dimarzio Super Distortion 90 & DLX-90+; Schaller Tuners; Buzz Stop *secret weapon=get one!*; Schaller Roller Bridge Jag-Stang (0riginal Production) w/JB & Gotoh 510 Locking Tuners All Mustang Bridges have the Tail Piece "locked down" on washers & tape wrapped around the Bridge Posts. Except the Jazzmaster all guitars are strung with 54-12 custom gauged Nickle strings w/ a Wound G string.
  19. If you want locking tuners I suggest the Gotoh 510 series. They are precise and dropdead gorgeous! They also come in a variety on finishes (even pearloid I believe). I cannot suggest them enough. [damn I sound like one of the douche-bags that work for Guitar Center] I use to swear by Schallers (I have them on 4 guitars) but after trying the 510 lockings I cant go back.
  20. For cleans I cant wrong w/ a Fender. Even my Twin Reveb II has rightous cleans and half way decent "Fumble" (that's fake dumble) drive. My favorite clean ever (and dirty solo tone) is the Mesa/Boogie studio pre but thats not at all what yr talking about cuz the M/B also needs a poweramp and speaker cab (M/B 50-50 & Marshall 1960AV in my case ) In yr case I would go for a Deluxe Reverb clone cuz they beat the reissues for about the same price. Check out Allen, Anderson, Hayes and Marsh to name a few. Also consider builing a "kit" amp. Its not too hard and it gives it sentimental value.
  21. on my vintage '65 when the tuners went I put on replacement Klusons (plastic button and all). But thats cuz mine came stock with Klusons. All my 'Stang (& other guitars) since then got Schallers or more recently Gotoh 510s. The Kluson style suck compared to the Schallers & 510's By the way the Gotoh 510s are so beautiful. I was stuck on Schallers cuz they had that "german quality" and I loved them. But then I wanted locking tuners on a guitar and schaller's locking tuners looked ugly so i went with the Gotoh 510s and found they are just as good as the Schallers and 10x prettier. They might not look stock, but I use these guitars, and have no intention of selling them so I do them up how they will work the best for me
  22. thats so weird, maybe my mustang nuts "wore-in" over time cuz I started with 52-10s
  23. Im sure 11s will fit on the top. It depends on the bottom gauge, but i have 54-12s on my '65 Musicmaster II (all my 'stangs for that matter). At one point I even put "not even slinky" which are gauged 56-12! if it wasn't shortscale id feel like srv
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