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  1. Yeah, that's really ugly. I thought green looked good 100% of the time. "I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion."
  2. That's Steve Albini's band right? I tried to download some of their stuff before but only one song would download.
  3. I like sherwood green.........too much.
  4. It's the comfort factor I'm looking for. I'd never burn any book. Burning books immediately sets your mind back by 6000 years and makes you no better than extreme catholics or nazis. It's different when you get it for free and you're using it to smoke pot....
  5. This thread is great. The new bible papers are still pretty thin....
  6. Arson.. I was with my friend and we were burning our school books. Then it got pretty big and we got caught. It really sucked.
  7. I was going to apply for this job but then one of the questions was,"Have you ever been convicted for a felony.". So I stopped right there.
  8. F,C,F,AAll proper powerchords are triads. Whoops, I wasn't thinking...
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