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  1. Picked up another Jag-stang this week. (the one on the right) Found it at a local pawn shop for $450 out the door. These things are hard to find around here. Its a 1996, 50th anniv. with a V serial number. Came with Fender hard case..may be the original? The Jag-stang on the left, i have owned for nearly 15 years. It too, was bought at a local pawn shop. I gave $300 out the door, with case. It is an earlier production MIJ 'T' serial number. May still be listed in Aug's 'Jag-stang serial numbers' thread, first or second page.
  2. If you can find an '80s Jazzmaster or Jaguar, better snatch it up fast! They are super hard to find. I own a Jazzmaster from the '80s The serial number starts with an 'E' E6 to be exact, which puts it around 1986. But according to most web sights it could have been made anywhere between 1984-1987. Another visual give a way on '80s Jags or Jazzies, is on the neck plate - it should have FENDER stanmped on it.
  3. I have one, but i cant get a good pic of the actual color. In the pics it looks silver.
  4. They sound alot heavier compared to thr JB. I have JB Jr's in my Jaguars, and they just dont seem to have the heavy sound of the Hotrails.
  5. I run hotrails in all of my Mustangs!! Sorry for all the pics, but you have to see them to believe it
  6. Mine actually has a T serial number, probably making it very early 1995.
  7. That is not a phaser, DOD phasers only had 3 knobs. I saw a a real clear picture of it a few years back, and it was a Grunge pedal. That old rig site said he used a phase 90 It was a vintage dual knob MXR Phase 100. I have one and it nails the Curmudgeon sound!
  8. i recently picked up one of the Made In China lime green Dead on 67 Dano's for cheap, so i thought i'd give a short review/opinions on the guitar. First of all, out of the box the guitar is set-up horribly, strings are too light, action is too high and the bridge, aghh. dont even get me started on the bridge. I normally dont use trem systems, so i immediatly took off the trem arm, and locked down the bridge. Then i noticed the bridge plate was actually bent, and from what i gather from various Dano owners, this is a very common problem. Sooo... since the bridge is bent, it made setting the action a pain in the ass. The low E and A and high B and E strings are ridiculously high, while the rest of the strings are almost buzzing/fretting out. So what i had to do to fix the problem was unscrew the wood bridge from the bridge plate, and i put two paper shims about 1/16 tall overall, and about 1 inch long under the center of the wood bridge and screwed it back to the bridge plate. THIS DID THE TRICK! i restrung the guitar with 11 gauge strings and set the action and pickup hieght. Now the guitars is actually very comfortable and a breeze to play! The lipstick pickups sound soooo amazing, i normally do not use single coil pickups, but in this case, im amazed by their sound. They take distortion very well, i played this through my Marshall JCM 2000 half stack and was shocked by how well the pickup stood up to high gain. Ok.. now to the pots/wiring, the pots are 500K, the wiring was terrible, it looked like some of the wires were twisted to gether and wrapped with eletrical tape? GEEZ-UUS. The finish is pretty good, its satain and completly covers the entire guitars body and neck and looks/feels pretty good. That probably just about covers it, the weight of the guitar is EXTREMLY light and with some good setting up, its can be a really neat guitar for a really cheap price. I paid $200 for it shipped to my door.
  9. How much did you pay? I have two of these MIJ E6 guitars, a Jaguar and a Jazzmaster, both sunburst. Very good quality instruments.
  10. Yeah, a Jaguar neck should fit, or any shortscale neck. But double check that the neck heal and the neck pocket on the Mustang fit ok.
  11. I get every part i ever need from here http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/guitar_index.htm
  12. I stuck a MIJ 1996 Mustang neck on a 1966 Mustang body and it fit without any problems. I see vintage Mustang necks on ebay all the time for under $200. Im not 100% sure, but i think reissue parts will work on a vintage body, EXCEPT the pickguards. You can buy new pickguards for vintage Mustangs, just make sure it says 'for USA or vintage Mustangs'.
  13. I played one of these at Guitar Center the other day, i was suprised how good the lipstick pickups sounded. The feel of the guitar was pretty good also, the whole guitar is painted with a flat/satin finish. And yeah, one thing that i did notice is the intonation was off, and i did not see a way to ajust it. Although i have read in descriptions that it IS ajustable. (i'd like to know how). There isnt any grooves in the bridge to hold the strings, do if your heavy handed, they will slide, and make the guitar go out of tune. The action was a tad high, but not to bad. the tuners looked like 'Kluson' copies and worked good. The trem was 'ok'. but i would never use it. The guitar is made in China. They run about $300 new, ive seen them go on ebay used for about $200-$250. i would probably get one, the ugly green one.
  14. I had one break on and old Jaguar, took it to a shop and they carved me a bone nut and installed it and put on fresh strings for $50.
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