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  1. Well Guys, some of my business parters came through, and now I'm in NAMM in my hometown of Austin. NAMM is trade only, so there are a lot of cool things out here. I've decided to do a photoblog to help get ya'll closer to actually being here. I will be updating every evening. Hi res photo gallery availible. I have a picture with seymour duncan himself in there! http://dcltech.com/index.php?option=com ... 5&Itemid=1 My website is http://www.DCLTech.com if the link is being problematic. Tell me what ya'll want to see more of ! Thanks, -David Liu a.k.a Triskadecaepyon
  2. Heh, sometimes the server gets screwy at times. You can retry in a bit to view the gallery, it has more pics of the neck on that. The neck is a refinished stewmac neck, so I didn't put rosewood in the truss rod slot.
  3. I Thought I'd give ya'll my final update. Yeah, yeah it's been a long time. And yes, I've skipped a lot of steps in pictures, but the final is sure to please. I'm also taking advantage of my new cam as well. I'm only going to post a few here, and the rest are going to be located on my gallery. I'm too lazy to imageshack over 30 pics. You can see them here: http://www.dcltech.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=19 Merry Xmas everybody. -David
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates, college once again has slowed things down and made my schedule hell. Well, I've skipped about 50 steps , so here is where I am at right now. If you wanted to know how nitro olympic white from reranch looks like buffed by a buffing machine, and not by hand, here is your chance. It seriously looks like a mirror. I have to fix one small chip on the front of the body. All I have to do is the neck, and I'm done.
  5. It's been a bit since my last update, but the bass is practially ready to paint. I have the contours done, and I just finished the through body holes and the battery box compartment in the back. I should start painting soon. With Pickguard on, ready for paint Closer look at the through body holes Back drilled with ferrules, and the battery box Back contour Back contour again Both contours at the side What the hardware looks like on it
  6. I screwed up the neck and neck pocket on the jag. It's just sitting on display at the house right now. The bridge is at the correct position, I've checked it against many basses already. The pickguard's position has to be fixed because the neck pocket on the pickguard is too small. That's why its not sitting right.
  7. and.... updates... Template for Jazz pickup Better detail, with a prehole drill for the router bit to sit in. Template for control plate... Drilled from the pickup cavity to the control plate... A view from above of all the routes After radiusing (quarter rounding) the edges Another view....
  8. 2 stewmac follower bits, and a box set of benchmaking bits.
  9. Updates... Please understand that I am heavily simplifying my process... (most of this work takes place within 1-2 hours in the super hot garage.) Placing the neck pocket template on... Better detail of the template First light pass with the router... After first pass Closer detail Completed neck pocket... and the fit... After drilling the neck pocket holes, and drilling the bridge screws.... The pickguard nearly is snapped on to the neck; nothing is holding it on. I still have all the inner routes left on the bass, so I still have a ways to go.
  10. Template on top of the body blank from warmoth First pass with the router... After first pass, remove the template Follow the cut area.... Repeat the process many, many times... Finally got it, the body is upside down at the moment. Another view, body is upside down also... Next time: Neck pocket routing, maybe the quarter round.
  11. I thought it might be nice to let ya'll know what's been taking my time up this summer. I have about 3 customer orders as a luthier, one of them being an entire jazz bass project from the ground up. This Bass has the following design features 2 piece alder body - painted aged olympic white with Nitrocellulose Vintage style Contours Stewmac full maple neck refinished with aged nitro Bone nut Active EMG pickups, 1 Jazz Bass Bridge, 1 musicman Neck, 1 active preamp. *EDIT: Musicman pickup replaced with EMG 35CS Badass III Bridge Old Cloverleaf tuners Dunlop Straplocks Black Pickguard Chrome Control plate, speed knobs I will update with pics when I make progress on the weekends. At the end, I'll be releasing a video (because I have documented everything) Hope ya'll enjoy the project!
  12. I remember upgrading my MIJ jag... I replaced all the hardware with AV chromed parts, as well as drilling it for a jag mute and putting SJAG-2's and a JB jr in it.
  13. They are ALMOST the same. However the full size SH-4 JB really has a bit more bass and mids to it (hence why the full size is usually favored). However, it mostly makes a difference when clean. Using distortion, no one can tell the difference. In my opinion, get a full size, but if you do NOT want to mod your guitar with routing, then choose the JB jr.
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