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  1. Have had 10-46 on all my short scales forever. No problems.
  2. I had the same issue when I got mine back in the day. I swapped the pots out for 500ks and it seemed to take the muddiness out.
  3. Somewhat. Sonic blue is a little "greener" than daphne blue, but some of the reissues looked more daphne like. I have a 2003 that's definitely sonic blue.
  4. You'll be desoldering the pick ups only from the switches. If my memory serves me right, the white wire on the stock pickups is the hot, and the black is the ground. I would start with the bridge pickup. Solder the white to the middle lug of the volume pot, and the black to the back of the pot. You don't need to put the whole guitar back together. Plug it in, and take a screw driver, tap the pole pieces on the pickup. If you get signal, you know the pick is working properly.
  5. Everything looks in order. I'd try wiring the bridge pickup directly to the volume pot bypassing the switch to see if I could get single.
  6. Roseland was a JB Jr. then changed to a black full size JB with a white guard. This guitar also had a Nashville style TOM bridge on it, as opposed to the ABR style that wast used on the Sonic Blue Mustangs, and Jagstang. Sky stang 1(Sonic Blue) white Jb, Sky Stang 2 and 3, black JB. All of the Mustangs and Jagstang had the vibrato springs removed, tailpiece reversed, and locked down to the bridge plate.
  7. So you obviously have signal. What you could do is bypass each switch by wiring the pickups one at a time, to the volume pot, to determine if the switches are bad. Post a picture of your wiring also.
  8. Assuming they are the stock knobs, just pull them off, and widen the split part of the POT the knob goes on to.
  9. Are you getting no sound from either pickup, in any switching position? Have you checked the cable you are using? Is the amp functioning 100% correctly? Knobs wise you'll need to get a set of the 65 Mustang knobs with the set screw. They'll work on split shaft POTs.
  10. Did you ever get that Candy Red Jagstang going?

  11. ABR Gotoh TOMs have notches in the saddles. That's what was used on the Japanese Reissue Mustangs from the In Utero tour. I have a 96 Sonic Blue reissue with the standard 7.25'' radius neck, ABR bridge, tailpiece reversed and locked down. My Fiesta Red one is a Warmoth body, with a 9.5'' radius Mustang Special neck, same bridge set up.(I built these long before Fender started producing them.) I have been in contact with someone who knows Earnie Bailey personally, and has passed along photos from me to him in reference to the setup. Earnie said it was pretty damn close. I swapped the POTS to 500k and put the Jaguar Reissue capacitor in them. Never got around to asking if the POTS were left alone in the tour guitars, like always has been said.
  12. If you are going with a hum bucker in the bridge, go 500k.
  13. If the Jags can get the ball back before the game is over, score another TD, the 2nd half will be a huge success. Should of started the kid.

  14. 17 hour day in the books. Hello weekend.

  15. Our leading rusher today got 17 yards. Our leading rusher was Chad Henne. #henneball

  16. Henneball. Yup, Henneball.

  17. Foo Fighters are at it again with secret shows. This time in London. If you see "The Holy ####s" coming to your town, you should probably go.

  18. Thanks to those of you that came out to Underbelly last night. On a side note, work at 4am after a show sucks..... Just have to make one more hour.

  19. Just pre-ordered the new Foo Fighters record. Getting some sweet some artwork with it. Nov. 10th is too long to wait....

  20. Something about that Tele Deluxe running through the Dual Rectifier. Nothing tops that tone.

  21. "Henne decided to go full Chad Henne today."- Big Cat Country

  22. I just may have to go see The Melvins in November.

  23. Running on fumes... This is gonna be a long one.

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