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  1. well i wired it up like i said above and it doesnt work any suggestions
  2. check me on my wiring.. black to where the old white was on the switch, red and white together, green and bare to where the old black was ont the switch.
  3. Anybody got a wiring schematic so I can be lazy and not have to look for one?
  4. Anybody know anything about the Seymour Duncan Antiquity Mustang Pickups?
  5. cool it looks awesome, the binding on the neck sets it off, and i like the straight humbucker on the pickguard
  6. yea i remember that, just thought i would bring it to everyones attention that we wont be able to order them with ease( as if everyone wouldnt have found out)
  7. they brought it back last year, i order one about 2 months ago and got it, glad i ordered it when i did
  8. I think the Mustang might have been discontinued. Musician's Friend has it up on their site. Not unless this is just a miscommunication.
  9. thats really nice, id like to try and cut one for my mustang but am to cheap to by the tools or the material.
  10. i have a graphite nut in an epiphone strat copy and i dont likt it, id go with a bone one.
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