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  1. Teching for Burn Season tonight.

  2. Awesome rehearsal last night with The Embraced, now for some golf at Queen's Harbor.

  3. Pro Tools why you piss me off today?!?!

  4. So the Foo Fighters just showed up at a pizza parlor and played a show last night in Cali. Why doesn't stuff like this happen here?!?!

  5. Kind of pissed that I don't have money for Dave Chappelle at The Florida Theater.

  6. Record Store Day stop 2.

  7. 7pm-6am. See you in 11 hours world.

  8. Bizkit is doing Behind Blue Eyes and morphing it into Heart Shaped Box out on the road.... ::yack::

  9. I can not express how excited I am for Queens of the Stone Age in February at The Florida Theatre.

  10. From amp: Delays, Phasers, Flangers, Choruses, Distortions, Wahs, Volume. That's how I set my guys up. Of course we don't have Distortion in our chain. We use the channels on our Mesa amps.
  11. Alpha Mini should fit, or just make the holes bigger. Takes 3 minutes.
  12. Look in to using JJ 12AX7 Gold Pin pre amp tubes. They smooth out the gain. You can get them from Eurotubes.com
  13. During the Nevermind tour, they tried different configurations with the Mesa Pre Amp. They were trying to find a power amps that would die. They ended up with Crest 4801 power amps. This became his set up for the latter of the Nevermind tour, and the entire In Utero tour. 4-8 Marshall cabs with either greenbacks or vintage 30s. The Marshall logos and the white piping were taped over using gaffers tape.
  14. #Napnation with a homer! #redsox

  15. So the new Pearl Jam record is good. Should check it out if you haven't already.

  16. It only took 8 innings.... Ortiz with a grand slam to tie. #redsox

  17. Jones Drew just threw that guy to the ground and Denver clapped for him.

  18. That's not how I envisioned getting 2 runs, be let's take it! #redsox

  19. Ok. How many times are we going to leave runners stranded tonight? #redsox

  20. Well at least the Braves have tied up with the Dodgers.

  21. The expectations the people in this town have for the Jags are just way too high.

  22. And Blackmon with his first catch of the year. Touchdown.

  23. Ortiz with his 2nd home run. #redsox #getbeard

  24. Even with the Jags being bad, 59,000 people still showed up.

  25. Is it just me, or does Shorts need to re learn how to catch the damn ball?

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