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  1. Duncan Quarter Pound. Do it. You'll thank me later.
  2. I have TOMs on all of my Mustangs and Jag-Stangs. I went with Nashville style at first, but the ABR-1 style is what I have now. The work involved to get them set up correct isn't hard, but does take a little while. Follow the tutorials on this website and you will have no problems. The Fender TOM will work, but the post for it are the long threaded ones, and I am going to assume they are adding to your bridge height problems. You may have to cut them down, along with shimming the neck. I also recommend doing away with the vibrato, flipping the tailpiece and lock it down. This to me is the most solid way to have a TOM bridge on a Mustang or Jag-stang. If you aren't going to do all of the work, there is really no point in taking the stock bridge out.
  3. See if you can find a good tutorial on Youtube. That's like the quickest way to learn anything today. It's not hard. Just have to be patient and careful. Soldering Iron burns suck.....
  4. Streaming the Nine Inch Nails record on Itunes.

  5. 2007ish if its part of the original run. Mine is from 2007. One of the best playing guitars I have.
  6. Can you isolate where the buzz is coming from on the guitar? Specific string, saddle, neck, etc...? Is the fuzz sound a hum that stops when you touch something metal on the guitar?
  7. Only 2 more hours till nap time. Its going to be glorious. My eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my skull.

  8. I've come to the conclusion that the last great year for the VMAs was 1997. Go look that #### up if you don't believe me.

  9. Sounds like St. Johns County is getting some good sleeping weather. Too bad I'm in the parking lot at work...

  10. Fix brake lights on the truck? Check!

  11. Did this a few years ago. Full right handed recreation as his was in Europe before Nevermind came out.
  12. Went to work, hung out with Leesa White, mowed the yard, hung out in the pool. Pretty productive Monday.

  13. Red Sox up 2 in the first. Now time to switch channels between the game and 3 shows.....

  14. Alot of it has to do with the Twin Reverb and those two guitars. I think the only other electric used on the album was the 69 Comp Stang on Dumb.
  15. Well there is more than likely compression, eq, etc on the studio track, but as far as Kurt having any effects on his guitars, no. He used either the Jag, or a Univox on this song, plugged into his Twin Reverb. The only pedals in his signal chain were as follows. Guitar-DS2-Echoflanger(vintage 70s)-Small Clone-Amp.
  16. Laying pipe. Gigety.

  17. Fender more than likely purposely put this style decals on them so that people in the know could quickly identify the series. I don't have a problem with the decals coming on them. The problem I have is with quality control on every Jag or Jazzy that has been made since the HH line came out of Mexico a few years ago. I worked on a Mexican HH Jag about a month or so back for a guy and the nut literally had no grooves slotted for the strings. I had to basically cut the nut for him since Fender didn't....
  18. Well to me, 2 grand for a reissue 69 Comp Stang is too much. Considering it's still the same "student" guitar with a different paint job....
  19. As far I as know, you will just need a voltage converter, with the proper outlet plug. I know at my store we sell them as kits in the travel section. Usually run like 30 bucks.
  20. Anybody want a drunk, deadbeat, with no job, who talks to everyone like they are below him, for a room mate? About to give one away for free. You can have him..... Didn't think so......

  21. Welp. Turning this game off and going to bed.....

  22. I think the only thing it's missing is some burn marks.lol Cool to see guitars with scars and age.
  23. You are going to solder the lead(white) to either your switch, or to the volume pot. To ground the pickup, you have solder the braided cover to the back of one of your pots. Is it a 50s PAF style you are installing?
  24. Being at work this early is just dumb.

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