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  1. Can you add a few pictures? Maybe one of the first ones made, but didn't hit stores until 64.
  2. The link leads me nowhere. Try again?
  3. Do you still have the body or any other parts from this build you'd be interested in selling?
  4. I've owned one of these lefty MIJ Jags before, everything looks legit to me.
  5. I dropped you a PM, looking for a little help with my lefty KC Jag wiring.

  6. I dropped you a PM, looking for a little help with my lefty KC Jag wiring.

  7. Words or pictures can't even describe how awesome this guitar is. Arrived yesterday, but couldn't open it until just a few hours ago. All original except for the bridge and a refret, but I have an original era bridge for it. Behold!
  8. smallclone- Any update on this build? Would love to see it!
  9. Cut up credit cards usually do the trick for me. They are perfectly flat and just about the right width, give that a whirl.
  10. 1/4" jack works perfect for this without doing any damage. For future reference I guess.
  11. Just waiting on my Fender "F" neck plate and I'll string it up and let it rip!
  12. I bought the body from TK Custom, I think it was around $100. But as you can see, I had to do some additional routing to get things to fit. I even sent the body back to them once because the routs were so bad. After they sent it back to me again, I still could not get the neck to fit, or the loaded pickguard, so I routed it myself and said screw 'em.
  13. Well, I finally decided on Comp. Orange, and here's the progress so far: I still need to do some wet sanding, clear coats and more wet sanding, but I like the way it's coming along.
  14. Hey there, I've got a Mustang project going, getting close to painting it, but can't decide what color or if I should put comp. stripes to it. I'm leaning toward Sherwood Green with matching headstock, but a Coral color sounds appealing as well. It's got fairly decent grain, so a natural finish isn't out of the question either. What does everyone think?
  15. I'm pretty sure that's a Gibson SG bridge circa mid 70's.
  16. I'm pretty sure that's a Gibson SG bridge circa mid 70's.
  17. Sorry to hear that, buddy. I lost my dad a few months ago unexpectedly, so I know what it's like. Just keep your head up and do small things in your daily life to honor your mother's memory, that really helped my cope with the loss. Wish you the best.
  18. Did you have to order a minimum of $50 worth of supplies? Also, I can't find an online order form on their website.
  19. Hey smallclone, where did you buy that masking tape that is cut to size? I may need some of that.
  20. I made my own following this these instructions: http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/logo.htm but with a white paint pen instead of a metallic marker. I'm a lefty, so it's just the Fender logo, as the lefty Comp stangs never had the model after Fender logo.
  21. No problem, I'm in the middle of a Comp. Stang build right now, so this video was a god send.
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