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  1. Watch this video, he measures the stripe and spacing dimensions, plus shows good techniques for masking and what not. Hope that helps!
  2. Thanks Doug. Yeah, I was hoping someone with a spare pickguard lying around would respond. I have a '67 stang and the same goes, I don't want to unthread the screws just to make a tracing. I might not need it anyway, I think the pickguard I'm having made will work just fine.
  3. Hi folks, I'm wondering if anybody has a Mustang pickguard they could make a tracing of and send to me, vintage or reissue. If so, it would be greatly appreciated, and I could paypal you a dollar to cover the postage.
  4. Agreed. It's just sort of sad that I can never find a decent video of someone covering a Nirvana song (and quite frankly, I never willingly seek to, because I know what to expect). It just seems that the kids that worship that band pick up on the raw style Cobain had, and therefor try to emulate it by just playing as aggressively as possibly, without learning the basic techniques/rhythm to become an adequate player. Cobain was raw and his songs were simple, but the guy had steady rhythm, and most of the time while playing songs wasn't bashing the hell out of his guitar with his rhythm hand. Get it straight, youtubers!
  5. Definitely off topic, but why is it that most everyone who puts a clip of themselves covering Nirvana on youtube always sucks at guitar and/or has terrible rhythm?
  6. They don't make lefty stang bodies or pickguards, but they definitely make lefty necks. They'll cut a nut for you for $25. I've never owned one of their necks, but I've heard they are well worth the money.
  7. Warmoth will make you a lefty stang neck for a pretty fair price.
  8. I ordered mine 1.5 with contours, but I emailed him those requests hours later after some thought, so I'm not sure if he got them in time. If not, I can put the contours in myself. I think I'm going either Surf Green or LPB with it. Although after seeing your guitar, I'm tempted to leave it natural. I love the way the grain looks, it appears bookmatched. That guitar makes me hungry for butterscotch candies for some reason, haha!
  9. You can, but it doesn't look the best. Been there, tried that. Hey Les, I ordered a body through that seller. Just curious, is the body to that guitar 1.75 thickness? I like the standard 1.5, just wondering if you special requested the body thicker like that and without the contours.
  10. Thanks much buddy! That helps a lot! Happy New Year!
  11. Ooooo I love it, where did you find the lefty Mustang body?
  12. Sounds like it has a 25.5 inch scale neck on it when it needs a 24 inch scale neck. You're probably gonna need a different neck on that puppy.
  13. Not sure if it's a right handed case or not, I do know that it's the original case to the guitar though. I got this guitar from an old man in San Mateo, CA. His wife was left handed, and she had recently passed away. He needed to sell this to help cover expenses and I made sure he received a healthy sum for it.
  14. HNB, who are you having fabricate the plates for you? Is it expensive?
  15. I got this from Colorado Music Exchange about three years ago. Can't remember exactly what I paid, but think it was about $2,000. Have you ever been on either of the lefty forums? Great people and some sweet guitars floating around, truly a lefty's heaven: My link My link
  16. Yeah, I love Jags, probably the coolest looking guitar ever. Very versatile axe IMO. There's a pic of my lefty '63 Jag in the Jag picture thread somewhere from a few years back, check it out!!
  17. I believe the body is a 1/4" thinner, so the trem block may stick out and dig into the ribs, I'd go with a hard tail bridge, maybe string through body to add sustain.
  18. Mmmmm, probably not. This puppy has the sweetest mojo dripping from the pickups. I love those vintage single coils. I'm gonna start a lefty 'stang build soon though, probably will sell it when Im finished.
  19. As far as I know, Warmoth doesn't produce aftermarket Jaguar or Mustang bodies/parts in left-handed. They do produce lefty Jazzmaster products though. Any experience I've ever had with Warmoth has been a positive one.
  20. Ugh... You're right. When I do see a lefty vintage(which is SUPER rare),half of the time someone has taken a dremel to it....
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