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  1. To be honest, I owned a MIJ and a CIJ Jag, and I actually like the righty tremolo piece better on this original, maybe it's because the spring is more broken in, I dunno
  2. It still has the general Mustang sound, strat pickups aren't that far off. The string-thru body adds some much needed sustain though.
  3. I've got a Mustang I'll sell to ya at a fair price and it's vintage wood. Here's the specs: Vintage stuff: 1972 Neck with original finish, (and rare competition decal) and vintage tuners 1968 Bronco body in nitro vintage cream finish(routed for neck pickup) with trem cavity plugged, hardtail Musicmaster bridge installed (string-thru body) 1965 Red Tortoise shell pickguard The rest of the hardware and electronics are newer Fender issued stuff. Two American Strat pickups, American RI knobs, cloth wired throughout, shielded with copper tape.
  4. Yeah, it's way cooler in person. I guess I've just never been much of a white pickguard kind of guy. I dig the mint green though, I could see that on there.
  5. I put a replacement nut in there for the stringing of it lefty, as well as a reissue mustang bridge, but I have since put the original nut and bridge back on. I beg to differ on the white pickguard idea, this has one of the nicest tortoise shell pickguards I've ever seen. When you see it in person, it almost looks like a mushroom cloud of fire, in my opinion, haha
  6. To somms: The Jag is a late '62 Shell Pink refin I bought from Willies Vintage Guitars in St. Paul, MN. I probably would sell for the right price. All orig electronics, I think the body had a Fender Factory refin at one point, due to a "SB" stamp under the pickguard. It has the OHSC, here's a link to the thread the pic is in, scroll to the bottom, you'll see it: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5565&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=220 To robert: Thanks for the advice, maybe I'll contact one of those two.
  7. I've got a 1960 Jazzmaster body I need refined in Burgandy Mist, and possibly a lefty tele body, although that one is undecided. And to somms, oddly enough, I own a Shell Pink Jag
  8. Hello all, I'm wondering if there's anyone here on the boards who is really good at finishing/refinishing guitars. I've got two bodies that need a refin, I could do it myself, but I'd rather have someone who has it down to a fine art do it. Any takers? Oh, and of course I'm talking about nitro lacquer finish
  9. I'm looking to build a lefty custom Jazzmaster, and would like to avoid Warmoth if possible. If anybody here can produce one or tell me a better place to find one, please let me know. Thanks!!
  10. Not to infringe here, but I have about 80+ Nirvana original silver disc bootlegs I'm looking to sell. So if anyone is looking for a specific disc, I probably have it. Maybe I'll throw a pic up later tonight.
  11. The mark up of any new instrument is generally 100%. So if the paid 150, you pay 300.
  12. I'm building a vintage mustang style guitar using an old 70's bronco body(same as mustang shape, but with one single coil hole in bridge) and a '64 Jag neck, I'll have it for sale in about a month if interested.
  13. Can anybody tell me if a Jag neck works on a stang body? I know the scale length is the same, but does the heel of the neck fit tight? Thanks
  14. Yeah, I checked Warmoth, but I'm looking to go elsewhere, there is something under the body for the jag that says something about it only fitting their parts, so I don't want any complications.
  15. Hey guys (and gals), I'm looking to build a jag out of the spare parts I have laying around, so I need some advice. I have a pre-CBS Jag neck, and some other vintage jag parts, but I need a body. I wanted to get a vintage body off of ebay, but most of the stuff that pops up is routed all to hell half of the time, and over priced for being so. So I'm wondering if anyone here has ever pieced together a jag, and if so, where can I get the best unfinished body to fit my pre-CBS neck? Thanks!!
  16. Finding a lefty vintage Jag was getting a little tough, so I settled for a righty. Some I have for pending projects.
  17. Until I saw this thread and took a few pics, I didn't realize just how many guitars I have... Plus I have a '76 lefty strat on it's way here... Good God. L to R: '64 Jag, CIJ Mustang, '57 Relic Strat, '72 MIJ Strat, '02 Seagull Acoustic, late 50's Chris Acoustic, '57 MIM Strat L to R: '74 Gibson SG, '94 Gibson LP, '04 USA Strat, USA/MIJ project Strat, '04 Epiphone Casino, Project Strat. Here's my current favorites: My 1964 Jag in Shell Pink, and my '57 Strat Relic project
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