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  1. Have to say now that i've owned mine for a couple of weeks. i'd have to agree that it's not great with chords. Its great for single note stuff, but only on my amp's clean channel (Marchall VS 100). On the overdrive channels the muff just dulls the sound or something. I can get a great overly distorted mega dirty sound through my clean channel with the muff on and my overdrive pedal on (marshall Drivemaster). Sorry i currently have no method of recording my sound for anyone who might want to hear it. By the way yeah they are both made in NYC.
  2. Thanks johno! A quick question..... Can you make up your own drum tracks from scratch, or do you have to go for some pre made 4/4 boring rock and pop tracks that belong in new kids on the block records!? I'm looking for something very flexible and where i can even change time signiture during a song!?! Thanks for the help!
  3. Not sure if this is the right forum?.... Dear anyone with experience of Drum Machines! With our band's drummer moving to London, there will be no beats. Myself and the other guitarist are thinking of getting a Drum machine which will aid us in the writing of new songs, with a view to eventually puttin in a drummer (they're hard to come by and we need to do alot of work before we get one in). So my question is.... Since i have no experience with drum machines, can someone point me in the direction of a good model. Perhaps one which records. My criteria would be: Very easily programable w
  4. I got me one. Have to say i'm really enjoying it so far. Havent had too much time to play with it. So far it seems like it has bass heavy but good tonal range. Excellent sustain, and the right amount of fuzziness. Recommended!
  5. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has experience with guitar shops in london. I'll be there for the weekend, can anyone recommed a cheap place for effects?
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Cant get enough of his tone! He's a bit of a technical wizzard methinks!
  7. Been listening to them alot lately. Anyone know what effects the guitar playing chappy uses? I really like his sound.
  8. Hey, A stupid question here. How do you power all of your pedals? Do you use a daisy chain? If so, does the one power supply work for all of your pedals? or are they all different voltages etc. are the jack sizes all the same too? Cheers
  9. I'm thinking about making a guitar!!! Well, assembling one from nice parts. It's all sketchy and not thought out too much. It would take me years. I would like to use the Jaguar Body... i like the 25.5 scale length with 9's on my strat, and i like the look of a jazzy! does anyone know where i can get a Jazz Body?
  10. Hmmm, If one widens his nuts, is it possible to switch back to a lighter guage of strings pray tell?
  11. Thats probably the coolest looking Jazz i've seen!! But tell me, how does it play and how does it sound? How much did it cost? Where did you get it? Sorry if you've said all this in previous posts!
  12. Thanks for the replies. I adjusted the pick-ups but the guitar still sounds muddy. Then i tweeked my amp around and that helped a little bit. I used to get a great tone from my lead circuit with both pickups on, using lots of distorition, it sounded like the two pickups were chewing eachother if you know what i mean. Ha its so hard to explain noises!!!
  13. Hi all, It's been a while since I posted a question about my Jag. I have a 2004 AV jag, Oly white. I got a pro set-up last december. He took out 2 of 4 shims, lowered the nut, truss adjustment, adjusted pick-up height and most importantly replaced the bridge with a mustang bridge. Not only did he replace the bridge, but he also made collars to go around the bridge posts to stop it from moving. Thus relieving intonation problems (like taping but more solid). The guitar now plays much better than it did. However, I think i preferred the tone of the guitar before he changed anything! My que
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