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  1. Me too, apparently. Haha. I'll definitely keep you in mind. Where are you located?
  2. I don't mean this as jerky as it sounds, but..................... There's only one dial. Reach down and turn it.
  3. It's not a sign that your computer is too fast. It's a sign that you're using the worst operating system known to man. For the love of god, get at least Windows 2000 on there. PM me your address and I'll friggen mail a copy that I'm not using to you.
  4. I'd stick with the Rat 2. It's probably easier to find and has just as much ratty goodness as the original one. Here are some Rat2 samples: http://www.procosound.com/soundbytesrat.htm
  5. Then you'll like it. The Rat pedal is really scrappy sounding. Like an overdrive pedal that likes to streetfight.
  6. Oh, I know how nice they are. I had a Bassman years ago and loved it but eventually had to sell it for food.
  7. Oh yeah, and all of those prices are in CAD. Not that it matters much anymore since we're getting pretty close to the USD.
  8. So, I've got the go-ahead from my wife to buy a vintage Bassman amp. It's mainly for our new band which she'll play bass in. Who knows why she agreed to this, but I'm not gonna look a gift wife in the mouth. Haha. I figure that if she doesn't end up playing bass for long they're awesome guitar amps and a pretty solid investment. Here are my options: http://www.capsulemusic.com/retail/detail.asp?ID=2302 http://www.capsulemusic.com/retail/detail.asp?ID=2865 http://www.capsulemusic.com/retail/detail.asp?ID=2839 http://www.capsulemusic.com/retail/detail.asp?ID=2827 and finally, http://www.1
  9. I've never found SGs thin sounding at all. If anything, my main complaint is that they can be a little undefined sounding but mine is pretty good. I think I had previously just played some pretty mediocre ones that didn't have great pickups. Both my SG and 335 have Classic '57s and they sound great. I've heard the burstbucker pickups are nice too. That's cool you have a Les. I'd like a real '56 reissue, but not enough to actually fork out the cash. They're pricey buggers! For now, the Hohner is great.
  10. apparently c*ckpit is a dirty, dirty word.
  11. Let me guess. You own a Mustang or something and say that an SG is "thin" sounding. Haha. Man, that's rich. Byron- I think they ship with a logo, but not applied and the store put it on. Bandit- Nah, I don't work in a store. Wish I did sometimes though, if only for the discounts. Zekk- I think I'm going to hold on to the Mustang for now. Who knows, though. I never play it and might not want to keep it.
  12. Here's the old thread about my guitar: http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/viewtopi ... g&start=20 I still haven't got around to painting it but eventually will. I think I'm sticking with a goldtop gold colour.
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